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  1. AlienZ

    Telrics Health Bars

    Ah, interesting. I get it now. When he said attach to a bone I didn't know that he was referring to an actual bone. I thought it was some code word in modding Thanks for clearing it up!
  2. AlienZ

    Telrics Health Bars

    Thanks for the reply! It's the attach part that I do not understand, because I thought the <requirement name="EntityTagCompare" tags="zombie"/> in the buffs is the part that binds to the <property name="Tags" value="entity,zombie,walker"/> in the EntityClasses? Is this the part I am misunderstanding?
  3. AlienZ

    Telrics Health Bars

    Great mod! Question: How can I make this work with Bad Company UMA Zombies? This is where I downloaded it from: https://7daystodiemods.com/bad-company-uma-zombies/ Seems like your mod is using the "zombie" tag, which all the bad company zombies do have defined. Guess I'm missing something else?
  4. No worries! Thanks for the help. It works flawlessly now Great job!
  5. All work and no play seems to make Jax a very capable modder
  6. I can't get Ravenhearst to work. I installed the mod loader, set up the install directory, selected the mod "Ravenshearst SDX Single Player" and installed it by making a copy of my 7DTD steam folder. When I click "Play Mod" the mod loader UI flashes for a second, then launch the vanilla game. If I check the location of the exe in memory, it is running from the mod folder as I set it up, but it seems to be only the vanilla copy of the game without the mod applied. I tried this with both 7DTD 16.3 and 16.4.
  7. I replied to your previous post 3 days ago. You are not the only person experiencing this problem, but you are the only one asking the same question multiple times without looking into the problem yourself, or considering the replies to your previous questions. Stop being so lazy and look for an answer.
  8. Since you are using the bigger backpack dll, you have to turn off EAC. The mod is only EAC safe if you do not use the bigger backpack mod. If you are convinced that the Dll included with this mod is not the right Dll, you can download the bigger backpack mod directly from the original thread: Backpack expansion a16 onwards
  9. A work around that might help, fill the output slots with something like wooden frames. That way, when the crafting is done, it cannot place it in the output slots, and if you enter the campfire, workbench, etc, it will pop into your inventory. This has been an age old issue with 7DTD and the work around should still do the trick.
  10. Sorry to hear! I did not do extensive testing on this.
  11. No worries! Thanks for the great work you're doing with the mod
  12. Sure you can. In blocks.Xml search for <block id="2005" name="batterybank"> and in there, you will find a line that says: <property name="SlotItem" value="carBattery"/> Then just change it to say: <property name="SlotItem" value="carBattery,HDBattery,ECOBattery"/> That should do it.
  13. You're welcome! Let me know if it doesn't work.
  14. Sounds great! I'm waiting with bated breath
  15. You can try the following: In the items.xml file, look for the following: wallTorchStation Then replace it with the following: wallTorchPlayer So, this: <property name="Blockname" value="wallTorchStation"/> Should read like this: <property name="Blockname" value="wallTorchPlayer"/> I haven't tested this, but it should do the trick.
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