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  1. My daughter downloaded your map generator last night, and we played a multiplayer game for a few hours. Thanks for sharing this - it's so much nicer to start a map knowing it's not going to end up being over half burned and wasteland. It did take a while for me to download the map once she'd started it, but it worked just fine. The ground outside the settled areas is quite... rugged. Some high hills/mountains, yes, but also just a lot of bumpy ground. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind you, but it made running across the wild areas visually challenging.
  2. My daughters and I had been playing a map named Raven (named after my dog, he's a 13 year old black lab mix). We hadn't explored a whole lot, but since we'll soon have to start a new map, I went out exploring along all the roads. To the north of the hub city is a large lake, a lot of forest land, and all the northeast area is snow. There's some scrub land in the far northwest. There's 1 crossroads. There are various ponds and a long skinny lake more like a wide river. The entire upper half of the map would be great for wilderness survival, whether you like forest or snow. To the south of the hub city is wasteland, a little west is burning area then more snow, and there's a lot more forest area all over the south. To the east and south is scrub land and desert. All over the southern half of the map are 6 assorted towns plus crossroads. The entire lower half of the map is apparently where people lived previously. There are quite a few ponds/tiny lakes - enough so you can find water when you need it. I didn't take the time to explore any of the many paths, but we're going to come back to this map after the next patch to see what else we can find.
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