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  1. Just curious where Ravenhearst / Darkness Falls compatibility stood Devrix.  I attempted a quick test with Ravenhearst 7.2.4 (latest for 19.2B4) and Sorcery 0.922 and had problems accessing skills beyond the first (Perception).


    I expect you are still re-working things for A19 and the additional magic skills, but thought I'd ask to be sure.


  2. Finally got experimental downloaded and working. Have 5 ranks in sorcery and a fire spell cast and sorcery armor equiped. Still only at 100 stamina no matter what i do. On both the bar and the character page. Should I ask in darkness falls instead/as well not sure where the issue is. Really appreciate the help and responses though! awesome mod as always.


    I can confirm part of this at least.


    Tested using a dedicated DF 2.04 + Sorcery 0.7 server. Went through the basic Sorcery quests until the chain was complete. Raised Sorcery to 5, essence/spellcast/fire mastery all to 1 point each. Spirit remains 99/100 in the character tab and in the HUD display. It isn't until I go and give my character some nice Transcendent Sorcerer armor (noticeable +spirit bonuses) and have him wear it that I see increases in Spirit both places.


    I also went and tested the current working mechanics in a Ravenhearst game, where the Sorcery skill adds to available Spirit even without armor bonuses.


    I'll let Devrix know so he can check over the relevant parts of the compatibility code. By all rights, raising Sorcery skill should raise your available spirit when wielding a Spellcast you can use.

  3. Things will be taking a major turn in 5.2. More extensive testing and balancing is expected.


    I think that's all that could be asked for. Thanks for the reply and RNG information Jax.

  4. we've gotten several in our mp game by haunting kitchens, will check, but i think the rng is being mean to you guys :/


    So I guess the question then becomes - does RH want to lock completion of class quests behind an item which it is possible to go an entire game (L1-L200+) without finding? I would think not. If I've read patch notes correctly it used to be craftable, and so obtainable at least with some effort involved. I'd recommend (based on my experience and hearing that of others in the topic) that it either be returned to craftable status, or have it's drop rate significantly altered.


    As further information about my lack of a cleaver - I never miss an opportunity to loot a sink, an oven, a refrigerator, etc. Anything related to food and/or cooking is top priority for at least the first ~50 levels. It helps significantly with eating/drinking, acid for tires, etc. I also never turn down looting a trash can or trash bag, due to the possibility of finding treasure maps in them. The fact I find far more acid, cooking implements, treasure maps, etc than I do cleavers, supports the fact people think they are too rare.

  5. Thanks to you both for your efforts and support.


    Incidentally, should the meat cleaver be as rare as it is? now level 100 and day 48 with 2 hours days - no cleaver :(


    Agree here - level 86+ and no cleaver. Can't even progress the class quests due to not being able to find one. It seems to be one of the rarest items in the entire game at this point. Needs tweaking so it's a lot easier to find.

  6. A question about running sorcery with ravenhurst. Currently im running sorcery from the mod launcher so i get it with vanilla. I am guessing that i need to overwrite vanilla with ravenhurst and then run the sorcery mod to get both as i cant do both via the launcher? I tried to do that previously following Devrix instructions but i never sorcery, just ravenhurst working. Thanks from another old gamer


    If you install RH from the Mod Launcher, you can also add Sorcery in as a Modlet. Click the "Manage Modlets" button to the right when viewing your RH install, and you can add it in the View Available section. Don't forget to patch your RH localization.txt by adding the contents of Sorcery's localization.txt to the end.


    I run both, and they work very well together.

  7. If you charge up your spellcast to 4 orbs, hit R to "reload" (IE the way you can put away your bow without out firing after drawing it back, to save arrows, also works with spellcasts) the next time you draw it back to fire it is already charged to 4 orbs for the first shot.


    Those charges go away if you haven't cast any spell from the same element in 10 (?) seconds. Try charging it, "holstering it", then waiting >10 seconds and see if you still have 4 orbs on your spellcast. You shouldn't.

  8. @ Devrix

    A question for an old guy .. will this auto update in the DF game ? .. OR .. Do I need to uninstall the modlet and then reinstall it for the update to happen and then recopy local file text over as normal .. Using the Mod Launcher .


    Don't want to lose all that work I put in building the base.


    Thank you .. hoping you are having a good weekend … the Old Gamer .. :02.47-tranquillity:


    From my experience an uninstall/reinstall on the modlet is the safest way to go. I think Devrix mentions it in the first post here too. Along with that, copying localization.txt from Sorcery into the DF localization.txt (unless you have the Localization modlet working) is needed since I think several spells and other items have updated text.


    Been testing this afternoon and all my old items are working well with the updated systems. It's MUCH more fun to play.

  9. Hello,


    same feeling concerning biomes here...

    I'm not particularely savvy concerning terrain/biome generation, so if you find out a sweet spot, would you care to share ?


    Thanks and regards



    I ended up trying different 16k map generations based on the number Pi, and found one I think will be fine to play on. Snow to the N/NE, Desert to the S/SE, Forest through the very center and heavy off to the West, and the two other Biomes stretching through the center off to the East.


    Hopefully in the future they'll add more specific values for large 16k maps to the mixer's xml. I saw only normal and medium sizes when I was poking around in the RH xml, which makes for huge biomes which aren't very suitable for 16k.


    Generated using Ravenhearst 5.12, size 16k, seed is: 3.1415926 The world name is "Borose Valley" - it has plenty of cities, and I edited the rwgmixer.xml so that it had between 25 and 30 wilderness traders (see previous posts in this topic for how-to).


    I overlaid the splatmap on the biome image so it's easy to see where the distribution of cities is:



  10. I am having trouble getting chickens and pigs for the farm.

    Do i need to harvest them using a specific tool for a chance of male/female? Do i need to kill them with a specific weapon? I tried looking at similar mods but they are unclear on instructions.


    Also, twine. So far i can find pieces of it rarely in trash. Where does it normally spawn from? You need 30-40 of it just to craft a single car, and it's used for armor crafting, repair. So uncommon that it should be used as trading currency, too bad traders don't pay much for it.


    I found them randomly by killing animals and harvesting their remains. Typically they only 'drop' when you've fully harvested them, and it's not guaranteed.


    Didn't see a recipe for making twine - the stuff I've found has been semi-rare as well.

  11. 2) All the text files for sorcery seems to be placeholder. Is this a localization thing?


    Yes, you need to copy the contents from the Sorcery localization.txt and insert it into whatever other mod adds it's own localization.txt (presumably one of the other small ones you use). This is a normal step for larger overhaul mods, and it seems like you'll have to find out if yours is being replaced by a mod.

  12. Edit: min_count="1" max_count="2" to min_count="2" max_count="3"


    Yep, found that section. I also had to alter the prob variable to be higher than 2, or the elevated numbers didn't stick as well.


    RH numbers are well suited for 4k/8k maps, but not so well for 16k ones. Especially the biome frequency/sizes - I'm still trying to figure out how I can revert it back to more like vanilla so there are smaller and more numerous biomes. Having a single desert biome that stretches 4k by 12k across the landscape isn't something I want to ever have to cross.

  13. Thanks mate. Can you elaborate a bit.

    Does it have to be a lake, or can it be a pool, or even player placed water.

    Also how many blocks away from the water can you plant seeds, and can they still be planted in the block next to another seed?




    They need to be adjacent to water, either naturally occurring or player-placed. You can craft a bucket, dig a 1-square deep hole, dump the water out of the bucket into it, and hoe/plant in all adjacent squares.



  14. Do we have any options for additional traders during world generation, or re-adding wandering traders in Ravenhearst? Patch notes for 5.12 indicate the wandering ones have been removed, and I'm finding it near impossible to use a 16k x 16k map since the 4-5 that end up on it are so far apart that visiting them is an exercise in frustration. It's identical to only having one in an 8k map who is literally as far from you as possible.


    My starting trader for example was 'only' 4.4km away from my initial base, and without a fast vehicle it took half a day just to travel to him. It makes missions impossible, and finding the other ones when they are so far out on the edges of the map a no-go.


    I realize I can look in the xml to find their locations after generation and keep restarting the game to try and get close, but I consider this 'cheesing the game'. I'd like to have to search to find them even on a 16k map, but having only 4-5 in a world that is 4x the size of an 8k default is just not good. Ideally a 16k map would have 4x the default number of traders, for balance.


    Edit: found the wildernessGroup section in the rwgmixer.xml. Going to try adjusting the mins/maxes upward and generating some new 16k worlds.

  15. Do you have the names/rarities of the Runes this is happening with?

    I'll do a pass through all of them with the next update.




    "Transmutation Rituals" were postponed for a better implementation. Basically, you'll be able to "convert" certain naturistic objects, such as Trees, into their core Essence via a ritual... something like this:

    I have a few additional ideas and want it to be executed properly... feel free to share your thoughts! :)




    Empower, as in Channeling Secondary of a Spellcast? Increased Projectile Speed amongst a couple other minor effects.

    Empower as in more stacks = more damage?




    All Sorcerer Armor pieces gain up to 6 of each weather resistance AND armor equivalent, and a little greater to that of Leather... the catch? It's all based on the "Quality" of the piece you find, not Rarity (stars/name). This is an attempt to add the variety you were asking for earlier.


    Additional benefits of Sorcerer Armor:

    - RUNES: Moddable in every piece of Sorcery Armor and extremely powerful when stacked

    - SPIRIT: Max Spirit and Regen

    - SKILLS+ / SORCERY+: Legendary and Transcendent Armor pieces have +Skills / +Sorcery ;)

    - SET BONUSES: Coming later for each element.




    Thank you for taking the time to provide all of this constructive feedback... it's extremely helpful, even if "holy ♥♥♥♥ extensive!" :p


    Absolutely, glad it was helpful in some way. I'm nothing if not thorough, even if it comes out as a wall of text. :)


    - I'll check next time I hit home base and see which runes I noticed were having a problem being applied to the armor. I think I tried two different runes and both had grey icons in inventory when modding.


    - I definitely wasn't expecting transmutation to be that dramatic, but it looked kinda cool. Glad you know where you're going with it and it isn't a typical "recipe in the cooker" type deal. Interaction with the world of that type is very immersive and satisfying.


    - Empower, as in channeling secondary of a spellcast, yes. Thanks for the clarification!


    - The sorcerer armor I crafted (every tier from basic through Epic so far) has all had zeroes (0) for armor ratings and weather ratings. I made them using a Fire Conjure. Don't know if that's by design or not, but it doesn't sound like it. I tried several light armor vanilla mods also, none of which applied. I was sorta bummed since I wanted to wear it through the entire game. It's cool looking, but the set(s) I've made weren't usable for combat situations, and leave me very exposed to the weather. Basically I had zero protection and zero way to modify the armor outside of runes.


    - Set bonuses sound nice, will look forward to those!

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