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  1. Update: Answered my own question for DF - Darkness Falls appears to work with Sorcery, though the forge UI is off a tad on the right side (still manageable).
  2. Just curious where Ravenhearst / Darkness Falls compatibility stood Devrix. I attempted a quick test with Ravenhearst 7.2.4 (latest for 19.2B4) and Sorcery 0.922 and had problems accessing skills beyond the first (Perception). I expect you are still re-working things for A19 and the additional magic skills, but thought I'd ask to be sure.
  3. Awesome, glad to hear it Icymage! And thanks for the kind words, I'm sure Devrix appreciates them.
  4. @icymage84 - Sent you a PM to see if I can help resolve the issue you are seeing. It's definitely not normal - I have DF/RH dedicated servers, each with Sorcery 0.7, and neither sees the NREs.
  5. I can confirm part of this at least. Tested using a dedicated DF 2.04 + Sorcery 0.7 server. Went through the basic Sorcery quests until the chain was complete. Raised Sorcery to 5, essence/spellcast/fire mastery all to 1 point each. Spirit remains 99/100 in the character tab and in the HUD display. It isn't until I go and give my character some nice Transcendent Sorcerer armor (noticeable +spirit bonuses) and have him wear it that I see increases in Spirit both places. I also went and tested the current working mechanics in a Ravenhearst game, where the Sorcery skill adds to available Spirit even without armor bonuses. I'll let Devrix know so he can check over the relevant parts of the compatibility code. By all rights, raising Sorcery skill should raise your available spirit when wielding a Spellcast you can use.
  6. Told you to take the Blue Pill... now you're neck deep!
  7. Jaga

    Ravenhearst Mod

    I think that's all that could be asked for. Thanks for the reply and RNG information Jax.
  8. Jaga

    Ravenhearst Mod

    So I guess the question then becomes - does RH want to lock completion of class quests behind an item which it is possible to go an entire game (L1-L200+) without finding? I would think not. If I've read patch notes correctly it used to be craftable, and so obtainable at least with some effort involved. I'd recommend (based on my experience and hearing that of others in the topic) that it either be returned to craftable status, or have it's drop rate significantly altered. As further information about my lack of a cleaver - I never miss an opportunity to loot a sink, an oven, a refrigerator, etc. Anything related to food and/or cooking is top priority for at least the first ~50 levels. It helps significantly with eating/drinking, acid for tires, etc. I also never turn down looting a trash can or trash bag, due to the possibility of finding treasure maps in them. The fact I find far more acid, cooking implements, treasure maps, etc than I do cleavers, supports the fact people think they are too rare.
  9. Jaga

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Agree here - level 86+ and no cleaver. Can't even progress the class quests due to not being able to find one. It seems to be one of the rarest items in the entire game at this point. Needs tweaking so it's a lot easier to find.
  10. I don't think any high-res version is working in Ravenhearst 5.x right now. From the RH 5.1 release notes: I run RH 5.12 (default textures) + Sorcery 0.7 (modlet), and everything looks/plays just fine. Haven't upgraded to RH 5.13 yet, still helping with testing on the Sorcery side. But soon!
  11. If you install RH from the Mod Launcher, you can also add Sorcery in as a Modlet. Click the "Manage Modlets" button to the right when viewing your RH install, and you can add it in the View Available section. Don't forget to patch your RH localization.txt by adding the contents of Sorcery's localization.txt to the end. I run both, and they work very well together.
  12. Those charges go away if you haven't cast any spell from the same element in 10 (?) seconds. Try charging it, "holstering it", then waiting >10 seconds and see if you still have 4 orbs on your spellcast. You shouldn't.
  13. From my experience an uninstall/reinstall on the modlet is the safest way to go. I think Devrix mentions it in the first post here too. Along with that, copying localization.txt from Sorcery into the DF localization.txt (unless you have the Localization modlet working) is needed since I think several spells and other items have updated text. Been testing this afternoon and all my old items are working well with the updated systems. It's MUCH more fun to play.
  14. Jaga

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Thanks for the info and confirmation
  15. Really really glad to be past the MP bugs, and it turns out Sorcery is using a MUCH improved system with stacking and charging up spells now.
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