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  1. Has anyone successfully used this on a server (such as one purchased through PingPerfect... which is where mine is)? We keep getting an error and the server crashes about once every 20 minutes. The support staff are looking into it, but I just wondered if anyone else had similar issues on purchased servers, or if it's just PingPerfect.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried searching through the thread with no luck. How does one get wheels? Are they a drop? I see the recipe but I can't figure out how to learn it? Did i mess up by not becoming a mechanic? Also, I have this on a PingPerfect server... do i need to update both client and server side to make the new updates work? Thanks in advance
  3. I love that now that the mod has dropped it's so quiet in here. Everyone is busy playing! lol But seriously, loving all the changes so far. This feels like how the game should be played.
  4. Anyone having trouble loading up the mod from the mod launcher tonight? It crashes every single time for some reason and i feel like i've tried everything :/
  5. The whole time i'm in the game I can hear flies around me. I've asked everyone else i'm playing with and they say they can only hear them when they are near a garbage bag, but for me it's constant. Is this a bug (pun intended... lol)?
  6. With this latest update if I just upload the whole Non-EAC BBM to my dedicated server (hosted by PingPerfect, if that matters) and then run the latest version of the same through the mod launcher... will everything work correctly?
  7. qixxy

    True Survival

    Okay, a few things to note/ask. I finally got the mats to make the food prep table... and it basically only works about 25% of the time. Most of the time it only lets me make the servings and fruit salad... not kabobs or meat pies. If i pick it up and place it, this will sometimes work for me to make a few meat pies and then it stops working again. Sometimes picking it up and placing it again doesn't fix it. Also, I have literally no idea how nutrition works apparently. I do nothing but eat fruit salad, meat pie, kabobs and veggie salad.... and inevitable after about 4 hours of being alive I get bad diet. I have never once gotten myself back to a balanced or good diet in this game. LOVE the mod and the difficulty, but this nutrition thing as well as the fact that it is EXTREMELY difficult to get your wellness back (could a few of the recipes that people can make earlier on give just a few more decimals of wellness?) is making me have to constantly reset.... i just want to get to end game
  8. My confusion is that when I download the WotW mod from the GitHub link on page one, there is no DLL file in there for me to put in my game.... am i using the wrong link somehow?
  9. So is all that changing of the xml files that is listed under the DLL download links necessary? I can't get this working for the life of me on my server, or in SP for the matter unless i use the Mod Launcher lol
  10. Yes, i do on my machine, but i'm talking about on the server that i pay for through PingPerfect
  11. This is a very long process it looks like... will we have to do the same thing once dwallorde has the file in his download, or no? The reason I ask is because i have to get my server host to do all of this for me, and they tend to say no when it's too complicated of a process. So, if it will be a more simple update once it's all in the WotW file, i will just wait. Alternately.... can I install the 5.1.1 update now and then add the Bigger Backpack addition later, or will that break everything?
  12. Where can we get the version that is needed for the dedicated servers? I feel really dumb... but i can't seem to find this.
  13. LOVE the UI changes and everything else in the mod was fun too when i tested it. Can't wait for the files to be available to play in my SP games
  14. qixxy

    True Survival

    Hey Spider..... you got me again...... can I please have a reset tomorrow? 76561198341299939
  15. qixxy

    True Survival

    As far as I was aware from my time playing you could only make the nails in the forge.... I could be incorrect though.
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