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  1. will do just a few interior rooms left to finish and add zombies to it
  2. truckerraycruz

    Navy ship

    A few more days my new poi will be ready
  3. I would like a chat window for multiplayer other than the way its done now not good at all
  4. my nitrogen dont have generate combo44 only for 43 not 44 even though i placed the combo pack for 44 ? what do i generate ? vanilla or 43 combo pack or costume ?
  5. tried again clean install with no dmt works without dmt must be an error in my dmt install but i dont think i need dmt since i really dont do full mod conversion like darkness falls or valmods ... so all my mods working and this one works also now
  6. A19B173 Client Side DMT Version
  7. nope I press esc and get error can't pause game loading in get this error press esc i get this one
  8. this breaks the in game pause game open menu
  9. i get a error cant load Mono Cecil ?
  10. your mods dont have a download option and github
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