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  1. I've went back and forth on the more crazy stuff. But, it would be fun. Lol. I would like to maybe do some of the stuff like you mentioned with the UFO. Make some small little POIs that will give you a quest when you get near them to investigate them or something. I feel like maybe I should just combine the Wasteland Weapons and Nuka Colas mod. I've already got several custom blocks in the Nuka Colas mod that would be good in some of the POIs I wanna make.
  2. Random scale, speed, walk type, and textures would be amazing. Would fill out the world very well. One reason I never go to the snow is I hate seeing a million lumberjacks and nothing else.
  3. Yeah, it started out simple. The pipe guns were more of a project to see if I could actually model something myself. Then I just couldn't stop adding stuff I found/created. Lol. Which weapons did you have in mind?
  4. Haha, I do what I can. Updating the Wasteland Weapons mod. Added the Incincerator, Heavy Sniper, Triple Barrel Shotty, and Maria. Added schematics to most weapons. Go here for more info and links: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...=1#post1000813
  5. I didn't think Nitrogen would make a 2k map. Have you tried a 4k or bigger?
  6. Blam! Cola. Lol. I honestly wondered when I first released my Nuka mod if they would have an issue with it. It is their name, technically, but I'm not using any actual assets from them. Just stuff based off of theirs that I either made myself or found/bought somewhere. So I doubt they'll ever bother me about it. And there are plenty of Fallout style assets out there, so it shouldn't be hard to get stuff together. Especially if you can make what you can't find.
  7. Read the part in the OP about setting up dedicated servers. Should work fine.
  8. That tutorial still works fine. So you have an issue somewhere. You can ask for help here: https://discord.gg/qPBfgE
  9. Yeah, I had considered going crazy adding new textures for some custom blocks, but never got around to it. Been mostly working on vehicles and weapons lately, although I do have a Nuka vending machine I'm adding to the Nuka Cola mod. Will definitely keep my eye on this though.
  10. Looks very good! These are all just new custom blocks, right?
  11. Try tagging them with T_Mesh_B in Unity.
  12. Copy the prefab files to your ...\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs folder.
  13. bdubyah

    Farming Expansion 1.1

    In the loot.xml find any place it says "questChallenge" and change it to "groupQuestChallenge". That should fix that bit. And about the icons, you need to move them as the folder structure changed in A18. Instead of Mods/YourModName/ItemIcons, it's now Mods/YourModName/UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas. So make the new folders and move the icons in and it should work. Check here if you need more info on this.
  14. What's you prefab in Unity look like? Sounds like maybe you got some scaling going on where it shouldn't be.
  15. I usually size it how I want in Blender and apply it. Then when I import it into Unity I uncheck Use File Scale on the right side in the Inspector area for the fbx file. Scaling it in Unity should work though. But make sure you're scaling the child object(the mesh), and not the empty parent object.
  16. Oof. Yeah, that one. Lol. Edited my comment to correct that.
  17. Just check the Tutorials section. The Unity threads are all on the first page.
  18. https://github.com/7D2D/Templates-and-Utilities That's the link. Grab the MultiPlatformExportAssetBundles.cs file and place it in the main folder of your Unity project. Then when you wanna export something, right click on the prefab and you'll see the options.
  19. Gotta be installed on the server as well, if using a dedicated server. Everyone needs to have them installed.
  20. Check the forum here for the link, you need the export script.
  21. You can add new, custom models no problem. Plenty of mods have custom assets. The tuts are older now, but are mostly still correct. If you are wanting to extract vanilla files, like guns and stuff, look in ...\7 Days To Die\Data\Bundles\Other. Use something like AssetStudio or uTinyRipper to open the items file. That's where most meshes are now.
  22. Dude, he said he's looking into it. Chill out about it.
  23. <property name="Unlocks" value="gunmp45"/> That may be the problem with the schematic. Haven't actually tested the mod, so I cannot confirm. But I imagine that typo in the schematic item is the problem.
  24. Very nice! Definitely will have to try this out whenever I start up a new playthrough.
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