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  1. Yeah, that caused a lot of headache before I finally figured it out. Lol. Glad it works now!
  2. Did you add your weapon to the silencer's item_modifiers node? For example I have added it to 2 of my guns, and in my mod's item_modifiers.xml I have: <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunSoundSuppressorSilencer']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunHeavySniper"> <property name="Sound_start" value="hunting_rifle_s_fire"/> <property name="BarrelOffset" value="-0.012,-0.015,0.62"/> <property name="BarrelScale" value="2,10,2"/> </item_property_overrides> <item_property_overrides name="gunMaria"> <property name="Sound_start" value="pistol_s_fire"/> <property name="BarrelOffset" value="0,0,-0.05"/> <property name="BarrelScale" value="2,2,2"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> That should be where you move it so it fits your gun. Also in Unity, make sure your Attachments child is on the main parent of the weapon. Without doing this I noticed the xml didn't seem to apply for some reason.
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  4. Alrighty, pushed an update to Git for the Nuka Colas and Wasteland Weapons mod. WW now *requires* the Nukas mod to not throw errors on load. Was gonna combine them but it'll be easier for me to update them separately. Will be on Nexus at some point if no bugs or issues come up. Nuka Colas: -Added Sunset Sarsaparilla drinks and vending machines, drinks can be in loot same as Nukas, vending machines can be in any POI that uses the vending helper blocks. Will require a new world for them to show up. -Can get Star Bottlecaps from some drinks that can be sold or saved for crafting a SS flier(quest). Wasteland Weapons: -Added Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle. -Added mods for Laser guns. -Energy Cells for the pistols, Microfusion Cells for the rifles. Each have a small chance to instantly kill the target(disintegration). -Unique variant of both the Laser Pistol and Laser Rifle. -Regular versions can be crafted after finding the schematics. -Tweaked the Incincerator's ammo projectile. Looks better now. -Reworked some loot. -Added a recipe for the Triple Shotty.
  5. Could some smaller POIs be reused for higher tier quests? Could just spawn in more difficult enemies or something to compensate. At least that way we would have more than 2-3 options at T5. Sucks constantly getting the exact same building over and over.
  6. I planned on having both versions but decided to only add the rusty version. I think I still have it in Unity but I don't believe it's in the MRAPs unity3d file. If I remember to do it, I'll get it exported and include it in the next update.
  7. Yeah, I must've missed changing those. Oh well. I'll fix it on my end, but I'm not pushing an update just for that. Just make it like 10k and it should be good. It's probably fairly rare that they show up at a trader anyway. Lol.
  8. Blocks.xml. Search for turret. Look for the EntityDamage line.
  9. Someone probably confused Weapon Tiers with Quality Tiers...
  10. Look in ...\7 Days To Die\Data\ItemIcons and it has the inventory icons for everything. And they are named the same as the item names in the xmls.
  11. Think he means more for painting blocks in game, instead of having to add a new block for every new texture.
  12. For your model line, you need to reference the unity3d file, then the prefab name from in Unity. #@modfolder:Resources/ArchCorner.unity3d?ArchCorner1.prefab"/> Also a good idea to name the unity3d file and prefab something different, which is why I threw a 1 on the prefab name. Just to be safe.
  13. They seem fine to me? I know I had issues even getting to the forums earlier, so maybe that was it. Can you try them now and see?
  14. That sounds right. And on a new world, any POI that uses the helper block has a chance to spawn one of the Nuka machines instead of vanilla. I believe there's around 25 or so vanilla prefabs that use it, according to the list Pille showed me.
  15. Well, it only checks for updates to mods every hour or so, I think. So that can happen sometimes. Either way, hopefully that was your issue.
  16. Hmm. It's definitely in mine, and I just checked the nim file on GitHub. Sounds like maybe the launcher had some issues or something and didn't get all the new files for you. Maybe try grabbing it directly from Git and installing it? I pushed the original update without the prefab, but quickly fixed it, but maybe the launcher cache held the old version for a bit.
  17. I...don't know. Lol. I have no idea, other than some sort of mod conflict. But like I said, the ones in the prefab are the machines themselves, not helper blocks. So I don't understand. Also maybe go into the Nuka mod folder and open the blocks.xml just to see if the cntNukaVendingMachineBroken and cntNukaVendingMachine are there. They should be, obviously, I'm out of ideas. Only thing I would try is start over. Get rid of the other mods except mine, and try placing it down. Maybe make a new world or something just to test it out.
  18. Still plenty of modding being done. Just might not seem as "groundbreaking" as it was back then.
  19. I just downloaded it both from Git directly and then through the launcher. Checked both versions in the prefab editor and they were the new version. So maybe try deleting the mod and redownloading it from the launcher. You'll know it's right if you see Nuka machines and a wooden wall around the outside of the prefab.
  20. Extract the Items file in ..\7 Days To Die\Data\Bundles\Other. The textures and obj file are called scope_reflex now. They changed some stuff around recently I guess. Easiest way in Asset Studio is select Asset List at the top instead of Scene Hierarchy, as the hierarchy view uses prefab names. Then search for scope_reflex. Should give the obj and the 5 textures maps. Just select them and go to Model>Export Selected Objects to export them. Hope this helps.
  21. Should be 2 outside, and one inside to the right. Not sure if his mod would affect them, as I didn't use the helper for them. Just to be sure, when you walk in the front, where the spiked barricade place is, what does it look like? I changed that in this version, so that'll tell you for sure.
  22. You using vanilla RWG or Nitro? I just gen'd a new world in the game, and it has the Nuka machines.
  23. I did update the Factory to have the Nuka machines. That's something I forgot to mention now, as the prefab is included with the mod. So make sure if you have the old standalone version, or Compopack, delete those so it will use the modlet instead.
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