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  1. I plan to eventually release a mod to add additional wrecked vehicles. There is one on Nexus I saw that looked good though. I went ahead and uploaded the current versions for all my mods to GitHub: https://github.com/bdubyah/Mods---A19 They will not be on Nexus till after stable as it's much easier to update Git. I am not guaranteeing they are bug free, or that things won't change. So just a warning. But they will at least boot into A19 without error. I think. Lol. So you guys here feel free to grab them and test them out. Let me know if you run into any issues. Yes, you may release it as a patch. But do check the new version out on Git and try it first. It should fix the loot and icon issues.
  2. Figured I'd post some of what I've been working on since it's about time to release it.
  3. Yeah, giving the parts another use as a repair item would be good, but I doubt that would happen since they streamlined everything to use repair kits.
  4. Just throwing out there that I would absolutely love for item degradation to make a return. I understand there would be complications with shrinking mod slots but I feel like it would be worth the trouble.
  5. Looks like Flurry of Blows is on all the knuckles, but Deep Cuts is not.
  6. When in the editor, have an empty hand, stand a bit outside the volume and left click. It should highlight it.
  7. Seems to be a bug in the latest experimental build. On another note, why did you post this here? Lol.
  8. From what I've heard, stable should be out within about a week or so. I've got most of the new content I want added, just finishing up the small details and trying to test everything. Nuka Colas and Wasteland Weapons will be combining into one mod whenever they are updated for a19. Will just be easier for me to maintain without deciding which mod is right for certain things.
  9. Those types of issues usually occur when adding or removing mods on an existing save. Blocks and items are assigned IDs and when you start adding or removing mods it shuffles those IDs around.
  10. Read a couple posts up for details. And yes, links are still current. I'll have new ones for everything when I update them.
  11. Must just be bad RNG. They are still in the loot for the broken stations and traders.
  12. Regular shotgun shells have a MaxRange of 10, with DamageFalloffRange set to 5. So, max damage out to 5 blocks, after 10 blocks, no damage. Also remember they do extra damage to wood, especially slugs and breaching rounds.
  13. If you are on A19, I'd hold off. When I update everything, I am going to combine Wasteland Weapons and Nuka Colas into one mod.
  14. They work fine. Only the new proximity icons do not work. They *will* be a bit bright looking, especially at night. This is due to the linear lighting change. I have them updated and ready to go, just waiting on stable. Have a few new vehicles added in as well.
  15. There is a line at the very top of traders.xml that lists the currency, but I don't think you can really change it. At least not for individual things. Might error if you change it at all, never tried. Lol.
  16. I know the T5 quests have been an issue for people for a while. And even MM said they aren't focusing on T5 POIs, but rather more T4 ones. I think just having a bit better loot would help the factories be more worth it. Also, what about adding a few more T5s that are just smaller? Could also include the house that's in the south of Nav that has the bunker under it as a T5, if it isn't already. I know I've never been sent to it. Another option would be making T5 quests varied a bit. Maybe have it so you have to go clear 2 smaller POIs instead. Or even one that's normally a T2, but is now more severely infested. Or has a demolisher in it. Lol.
  17. There's several options for 7DTD that are pretty cheap. I've only ever used Bluefang for my servers. They aren't the cheapest, but I think they are worth it.
  18. I'd mainly consider roads when talking about if it is fixed or not. The atrocities rwg produced in A18 is what made me use Nitrogen. Even the premades they included are pretty rough. Less duplicate POIs and better looking cities would be nice as well.
  19. Alright, just pushed an update to Wasteland Weapons: -Added in a Plasma Pistol and Rifle. They use Plasma version of the Energy and Microfusion Cells. -Added a Flare Gun. The gun is loot only but you can craft flares yourself. Good lighting at night and can set zombies on fire hit by a flare. Also updated Wasteland Weapons and Nuka Colas on Nexus so they are now current with Git again.
  20. I don't believe there should be any issues for most of the mods. Only the Nuka Colas mod, which includes a prefab, would be a problem. And that would only be the prefab not spawning, everything else should be fine.
  21. Look in buffs.xml. Search for buffLegBroken. In one of its effect_groups, there is this line, which is what controls the jump height: <passive_effect name="JumpStrength" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.12"/>
  22. Look a few threads below this one...
  23. It's on my list of things to look at. Some day maybe. Lol. Reverse probably uses the same gears, just with reduced speed and such. At least it seems that way. Not much I can do there I think. Vehicle mods will hopefully be a thing one day. Not sure if turrets will ever be a thing without custom code though. Fingers crossed. Lol.
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