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  1. No worries. If my upload didn't suck so bad I'd have everything sorted already. Hopefully tonight or the next night I'll have everything up to date.
  2. Maybe do some reading here as I still haven't updated everything. Wasteland Weapons and Nuka Colas are not A19 compatible. The Wasteland is the A19 version that combines them into one mod.
  3. Yeah, 2x XP on regular length days is basically halving the time for more dangerous stuff to show up. Maybe try 90 minute days if you are intent on keeping the higher XP gain. And molotovs. Lots and lots of molotovs. Grenades work too, but also damage your structures more. Buy up any you can find.
  4. @mr.devolver Np. I almost kind of want to not tell you the problem and see if you can figure it out...Lol. Here's a hint...you're running the collection mod which contains all of the vehicles...and then also trying to run all the separate modlets.....
  5. Pipe weapons will always be level 1. They are meant to be primitive weapons. They are now under Gunslinger, Deadeye, and Boomstick.
  6. I haven't either. Thought I haven't really played enough to see it anyway. I just know between the modding discord amd threads here, it seems like it got worse. I never noticed it in A18 either.
  7. Yeah, that's a vanilla issue that seems A19 made worse. And Finch, if you figure it out let me know what it was just so I'll know. I'll double check everything when I get home tonight to make sure I can't repro it myself.
  8. Odd, I never get that when testing. Any other mods? Is this a new world/save? Or carried over from EXP or sometime when maybe still using the A18 mods? Maybe just for a test, gen a new world and see if it still does it?
  9. It is possible to add your own. It's something that's been on the back burner for a while. Maybe once I get everything out and smoothed over I'll start looking at them.
  10. Need more info. A19 I'm assuming? If so, did you really mean Wasteland Weapons? It's been combined with the Nuka Colas mod, now known as The Wasteland. Wasteland Weapons and Nuka Colas are not supported any longer.
  11. Look up a few posts, there is a link to GitHub which has A19 versions. "The Wasteland" is the new, combined mod. I just haven't updated all the links or posts yet as I'm still doing some tweaks and stuff. So they could be updated several times at any minute.
  12. Well, damn. Guess I missed the UnlockedBy stuff on a few. Lol. Pushed another update. Looks like I should have gotten them all now.
  13. Even for me, just driving through what we call city traffic here tires me. Might be the sizable case of road rage I have though. Lol.
  14. I think it's just the way they worded it: Vehicle driving increases food consumption There's no reference as to what it is increased from. If they would've just said some thing like "Driving vehicles now has a small food drain" or something so there was a reference of measure it probably wouldn't be misunderstood. And I feel like the people saying it shouldn't be any different than standing still have never driven a vehicle before. Lol.
  15. Could make a copy of buffBurningElement and edit its values. Just change its name and change it on your ammo so it points to your new buff.
  16. Yeah, I just didn't update all my posts/links as the mods were still being updated and Exp still releasing updates. Same reason I haven't updated the Nexus side yet. I've got one last thing to add to the vehicle collection and then I'll push all updates again that need it, and update Nexus.
  17. Alright, yeah. Found the error. Uploading to Git. Also added the Service Rifle:
  18. So it does that when you go to craft it? I'll take a look when I get home tonight.
  19. Check your error log. It can sometimes point you closer to the problem. It's usually a typo of some sort in the bones or vertex groups.
  20. Yeah, it'll use the vanilla icon still. If you look in your game folder, there is an ItemIcons folder with all of them in it. You can reference any of them you want and still stay serverside only.
  21. Anyone complaining that an update of an overhaul mod on an experimental build of an alpha game caused issues should probably stick to vanilla. Or wait till stable comes out to use mods.
  22. Glad you like them. Be sure to report back if there are any bugs. I haven't had much time to test everything. And your English is fine. And thanks, BadKarma!
  23. Usually point releases(.1,.2,etc) don't require restarts. Never a guarantee though.
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