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  1. So because someone has an issue with some of the zeds, but won't even begin to describe which ones, you want a whole index put together to make it easier? Wouldn't it just be easier for the people that are so offended to just provide screenshots of the ones in question? Or do like Reckis and simply ask how to remove them. It's not rocket science. Again, not having an attitude and politely asking something will get you much farther than saying "This is kiddie stuff. Remove plz." And I wasn't jumping on him because he did something other than praise the mod, or because of some "hive mindset". I replied because he flat out ignored Xyth asking him for examples of the zeds he found so childish looking. All the while being snarky himself. Nothing more, nothing less. And don't take this as me jumping on you, either. It's not personal or anything. Just as someone who also deals with people being ignorant about your mods and not providing requested info while having an attitude, I just call it as I see it. You come at me with attitude and entitlement, you'll get basically nothing. Nothing wrong with being polite. I don't even expect a thank you. Just don't be rude. Lol.
  2. And like 3 replies later, and you have yet to provide any info on which ones you find so offensive...
  3. I think what I'm going to try to do is add my stuff to the correct base loot groups, so that it gets added in along side its vanilla counterparts. Then I'll go into certain containers, like the hidden stash and big metal chests and add very small chances for certain items to show up. Either way, I'm going to try and make fairly small changes until it feels good. And then TFP will probably redo loot again and break all of it. Lol.
  4. Well, obviously RNG is a factor no matter what. But I don't want them showing up in the first week, really. Maybe the lower melee weapons, but that's it. I'm still combing through the vanilla loot groups seeing how it is all put together so I can add my stuff similar to how vanilla is set up. But staring into the xml too long makes my eyes bleed, so it might take a bit. Lol. I have a few days in a row off at the end of the week, so I'm gonna try starting a vanilla setting playthrough and see how it goes.
  5. I haven't had time to really play much so far, so I'm just going on what people tell me. A guy on Nexus said multiple people on his server had combat shotguns and various legendaries by day 2. Which is bad. Lol.
  6. @Dre Glad you like them. Pushing another update for The Wasteland. Should fix the Nav Object NRE for the old map quest. Added my shotguns to work with the Wabbit challenge. Also added the Service Rifle schematic and recipe. Also, to anyone who uses this mod, I could use some feedback on loot. I've gotten comments on Nexus about higher end weapons and Legendary items being way too common. This update was a first pass to try and fix that. So please let me know how it is now!
  7. Yup, pretty much anything other than a simple xml edit mod will need to be on both. Pushing an update to The Wasteland to fix weapon damage and durability issues due to perk changes in A19. Pipe weapons will now tie in to perks for quality. Pistol/Rifle is Gunslinger, shotgun is Boomstick. Also will fix the issue with the old map quest error. Git is current, Nexus will be soon.
  8. Alright, pushed updates to The Wasteland, fixing the melee scrapping issue and adding the tweaked Service Rifle iron sight, thanks Roadkill for the assist. Also updated the vehicle AIO and GNX modlet to tweak the red texture, and the missing tail light texture.
  9. You'll just need to assign the container a unique loot ID. Then in loot.xml, create your lootgroup like I posted above, then add it to the lootgroup for your container. You can look in The Wasteland's xmls for examples. The Nuka recipes and stuff would be similar to what you are doing. Or the PewPewloot from above.
  10. You need to have count="all" in your lootgroup used for the container. <lootgroup name="PewPewloot" count="all"> <item name="gunPewPew" quality="6"/> <item name="ammoEC" count="100,200"/> <item name="casinoCoin" count="1000,5000"/> </lootgroup>
  11. I looked over it in Unity. I admit I kinda hate how it makes it look, but I do like the sights actually being right. Lol. So I guess I'll change it. Might push an update in the morning, we'll see. Appreciate the info.
  12. I'm not sure if they would show up or not. Guess I should test that. Lol. And as far as the buzzing sound, it's a part of the block. So no easy way to change it. EDIT- I turned down the buzzing some and reduced the range a few blocks. Best you are gonna get. Lol. Also tested melee mods. Looks like they don't show up, except for Burning Shaft. Which I'm fine with. Don't feel like positioning all that mess. Haha.
  13. I probably didn't add weights to them, if I had to guess. I originally had recipes for them so scrapping would've used that, but I ended up taking the ability to craft them out. I'll look at it when I get a chance. I tried quite a few things to get the front and back sights to line up but ultimately went with just using the front. I'm not sure what exactly they do with the camera when you ADS, but it never lined up properly. I was in Unity looking straight through with them both lined up, but in game I couldn't get them right.
  14. The original stars where just a rip off of FO4. Lol. But I noticed when it came to having modded weapons and stuff, the little icons in the corners got crowded, so I changed it.
  15. I had stars in Wasteland Weapons to mark legendary weapons in A18. I changed it in A19 to just a glow behind the weapon. Either way though, yeah, custom icons made in GIMP. Edit, added examples.
  16. It is, but it is set to be very rare. I haven't had a lot of luck in A19 with controlling POI spawning. It's real hit or miss. I guess maybe I should up it a bit, but I made a couple maps and it was in every one.
  17. Really, only if you want the Trader in the AIO. If you can do without that and don't really want to restart, you should be fine. I would make a backup though just in case. But if you don't mind restarting, it's never a bad idea.
  18. If you have been using A19 releases from Git, most should be fine on a current save. The only one that would need a need save would be to get the new trader POI in the vehicle AIO.
  19. Gonna need a bit more info than that... Gotta have it on both.
  20. Alright, one last post for the night. Git and Nexus are now both updated completely. Links in the original posts have been updated. I left the posts for old mods but marked them as A18 only. I will ping Sphereii and get the A19 repo added to the launcher shortly.
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