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  1. It's real finicky to mess with it. But take a look at the Action0 property on the ammoFlareGun. Flytime and Gravity will change it the most. But it's tricky to get a good balance. Could try slightly lowering the ProjectileVelocity as well. That'll make it go up slower, so Gravity will need to be tweaked slightly to compensate. Then change LifeTime if it's disappearing before it hits the ground.

  2. Updating The Wasteland. To get the POIs, a new world will be needed.


    -Added the Raider NPCs. Melee and ranged variants of each. Also a boss variant. High health, high damage resistance. Regular guys drop loot like zombies, at a slightly higher rate. Boss guys have their own loot drop, at a 50% rate. They aren't perfect, but do well enough to present a challenge. They are mostly used in the new POIs, but they do have a small chance to spawn out in the wild.


    -Modified ~10 POIs to have Raiders instead of zeds. They are just slightly tweaked vanilla prefabs to make them not stand out. ;)

     They have similar loot to the vanilla POIs, with a few changes. They are full of Raiders though, so be prepared. They are all quest options, with one a Tier 2, and most of them being Tier 4, with a couple being Tier 5.


     They mostly spawn well in RWG, and I've included the info I think is necessary to make them work with NitroGen. Let me know if it isn't right.


    -A few bug fixes and changes. Fixed 10mm ammo crafting not unlocking with Pistol Pete books. Some items not showing the correct Unlock options. Need 50 instead of 100 Star Caps to make the flier(may have pushed this last update, not sure). Few other misc tweaks and fixed that I can't remember. Lol.


    Git has been updated and Nexus is uploading atm, should be good within the hour. :)

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  3. 2 hours ago, Sagat said:


    I tried using the UH-60 mod and for starters the icons on the crafting screen is missing and when I try to place the UH-60 the game throws an error.


    Any idea on what went wrong?  

    SP? Server? Needs to be installed on both if on a server. Otherwise redownload and reinstall. 


    @Colin248Energy weapons are tied to Advanced Engineering. RNG stats should be on mostly everything. I'll have to check the lever action. I believe it was set to have an 8x only. 

  4. That would be cool, but I don't know how useful I could make him. If I was using DMT he could be hired which would be cool, but I don't wanna go that way right now. Thanks for the offer though. :)

  5. Well, there are like 4 horns, so there will still be that issue. Lol. Wasn't going through the trouble of making one for every vehicle. The sounds have already been an absolute PITA since I had to rename them for each of the individual modlets so there wouldn't be any errors. I should have just made it a separate add on modlet for the individual vehicles, but oh well.

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  6. They need to add at least a few more T5's. And figure out a way to make them have more value. Maybe when legendary items are added T5's could have a higher chance of having one or something?


    Also, when the biome balancing is done and the wasteland if real dangerous, smaller POIs there could be considered T5 just due to the location.

  7. Glancing at the loot.xml, it's is the automotive and rareAutomotive groups. So it's mostly gonna be the Pass N Gas crates. Doesn't look like wrenching cars will give you one. Could probably get one from looting a car though.

  8. They run off the same code that Xyth uses for the Creature Packs. All credit for that goes to him. I just added my own Raiders.


    I've updated the vehicle AIO on Git and Nexus, and currently updating the individual vehicle mods on Git to include some new engine sounds and some new horn sounds. All vehicles should have the vanilla horn sound replaced, but some still use the vanilla engine sounds. The individual mods probably won't be updated on Nexus till tomorrow at the earliest.

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  9. Bleh. Yeah, I forgot that one was 7.62. Gave it the wrong perk. Probably be at least a few days before I update the mod again, so if you wanna fix it in the mean time, just go into the mod folder, into Configs, and open items.xml. Near the bottom is an item called "gunPipeRifle_Legendary". Under its list of tags, change "perkGunslinger" to "perkDeadEye" and it should fix it.

  10. Your examples are correct. It looks like they streamlined it more in A19. I remember before a lot of items had a high Max, but the PerUse was like 5 or something. I guess it was easier to use perc increases and decreases with a larger PerUse, but they went the other way and streamlined almost everything to just use PerUse=1 and adjust the Max down accordingly.


    Either way works. :)

  11. Appreciate the feedback. Any issues with loot? Finding things to easy, etc?


    Glanced at the golf club. Toned the damage down a bit. Think it was missing a tag, so that's why it didn't have a quality level. I'll test it to be sure, but it should be fixed.

    3 hours ago, Colin248 said:

    curiously, do you have more plans for the wasteland mod? if any, i mean. 



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  12. Well, I mean, I already have the parts in loot, and everything has recipes. So the only issues for either is if vanilla loot groups were removed/renamed, or if resources used to craft them were removed/renamed.


    And that would just be finding what the loot groups/resources got renamed to and changing it accordingly. If removed, then add them back or change it to something similar.

  13. 2 hours ago, CynicalGamer said:


    Not disagreeing that an index, as an idea, is good. But you throw it around like it would take no time at all. And as Xyth just puts these together into one mod, and didn't make the majority of them, that's asking quite a bit. Now if you want to help out, then go for it. That's the point of a community project like this. I'm working on some Raiders myself I'm trying to get smoothed out enough to be worthy of being included.


    And not to drag this on, but to just clarify, the malice of my original post wasn't at you, but the other guy. He could go into dm mode and spawn them in to see their names, take screenshots of them, anything. But to put no effort into it, then come in here complaining like he did is just not necessary. I'm not even saying I wouldn't agree that some look out of place. I've honestly not seen them all myself. It was just how he went about it. That's all. :)


    And I am glad you enjoy the mods. Maybe if more people were willing to come in and says thanks and whatnot, people would be more inclined to do the extra work. But about 90% of comments in these mod threads are complaints or asking for more stuff. People are just never happy. Lol.

  14. My knowledge of DF is limited, but from what people have said it would seem DF makes changes to Grease Monkey. I think it changes it to where there are only 3 levels of it, which means the vast majority of my vehicles will error as they are level 4 or 5.


    I threw this together real quick, so no promises it will work. Just rename it, taking the DF off the front and overwrite the progression.xml if my mod's Configs folder. Probably best to make a backup of the original, just in case.


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