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  1. As I said, there clearly is the ability to control what is downloaded from a server and / or workshop to a local user. Some files such as an exe have never been able to be. Literally thousands and more likely millions of assets have been downloaded from servers without issue. That speaks to the rarity of corruption issues. Now if tfp chooses not to include the option it is certainly their choice but in my mind and that of many others there is little reason for it not to be included. The option to download or redirect for files needed joining a server simplifies a server hosts job to some degree. There are secure options and insecure options just the same as any other connection to the internet.
  2. Partially correct. Done correctly there are a multitude of games that have and do use workshop or other methods to transfer maps, files, and other modifications. Why there could be potential, this has rarely if ever been an issue in all the years I have been gaming. This game would benefit from workshop Support significantly.
  3. Have to agree Tin. I've supported devs and content creators like yourself BUT it was always a matter of choice. Forcing players to purchase dlc to be equal to others, think SE, is just bad practice. Sure there are points to both I suppose but not ones I will support. DLC's are a completely separate topic and done well are a fair way to bring extra money into the development stream. Some truck sims have done this very well. I am not excited to pay for every state or continent but given the amount of work required I think its fair and users have the choice. This affects only the user and not gameplay overall.
  4. Liking the looks of this. I didnt seem to notice the flashbang effect on the zombie populace though. Otherwise it seems correct when close to them as it should deafen and blind you to a good extent. Following along to see where this goes. No pvp here but against zombies could be helpful. 😀
  5. Yep, seem alright now. I made a general post regarding the forum earlier as well. If those links are not updated within the forum software it will happen again so I hope it can be addressed. I suppose the redirect can be left in place though so that might be the answer here. Thanks for getting back to me. Loving these vehicles.
  6. I wanted to install these today and I noticed that the forum redirect from the old address to the new is no longer working. I had the GitHub link but all the links in your first pages no longer work. I am not sure if the forum folks will take care of it or not. Its obvious it isnt this mods fault. Just a heads up.
  7. Hang in there Guppy. Wishing you the best and a get well soon.
  8. I did a fresh wipe on the server and then my personal system. I assumed that the mod should work with a minor update so if not, since I have some others , I will start adding one by one until I get to the problem. Ill add these alone first though to test. Oddly enough everything is working correctly. Maybe something didn't copy the first time but its fine now. All fresh files and a new game. Thanks for the mod at any rate.
  9. I tried installing these on my dedicated today and am getting null reference errors. Could this be due to the 18.4 stable update or something I nerfed on the install? Logs didn’t even seem to include the console spam which I thought was odd.
  10. Not seeing much use in game but then I’m not a gyrocopter fan anyway. Pretty amazing and darn cool nonetheless.
  11. I ran a 10 k map today and it runs fine with the compopack. I went through the trader and completed it without issue but I did not create the map with “mega” anything. Most settings are mid or slightly over default. What’s your memory usage during play?
  12. Stallion, I’m not having any issue whatsoever. Just responding to the post. I read in the Nitrogen thread there might be an issue but have not tested creating anything new. Think I’ll test a map after I have my morning coffee to see if anything has changed.
  13. I read somewhere this evening on the forum there have been some issues with Nitrogen since the recent patch. I've not tested it since before that so might be an individual experience for that person. Just something to be aware of. Guess I will go check it and see. It's worked flawlessly up til now at least.
  14. Fantastic. It was something nice for the extreme hoarders of the group on long hauls lol. Thanks again for your work.
  15. I tried the Mega Backpack mod listed here... https://github.com/stallionsden/StallionModlets/tree/master/stallionsdensz%20630%20backpack What we found with 18.3 EXP is that when in a party after a few kills have been made, we had thousands of skill points. Within say 20 kills I was able to max out every perk in the game. I doubt this was intended and would seem due to a change in the code for 18.3 but wanted to be sure this was not intentional. No other mods are in use so should not be a conflict in that regard. Just bringing this to your attention. I want to explore more of your mods soon so hopefully this can be resolved if it is in fact an error. Great mod options otherwise so thank you for that!
  16. Thanks Prisma, it was like 9pm on my side of the pond so likely that is the case. Now I need CPM too if I can figure it out...
  17. Posted a ticket in Discrap. Is this the support thread for CSMM or just for CPM?
  18. Thanks, I’ve not had the time to get back to it yet. I hate working for a living sometimes. Yes, it’s supposed to work as a reverse proxy but as with most things windows, it mostly works but not 100 percent. I’ll look at the headers to see what’s up. Be back after some testing.
  19. Believe me, if not for my Empyrion servers and a couple others without Linux support, I wouldn’t be bothering with Winblows... I think I’m confusing terms as well. I don’t know much about the Apache version but from what I’ve read so far on Windows I’ll have to use Waamp or a similar package. As Guppy has said maybe just adjusting permissions would be the better option but I’d still would like to learn for later use. Think I might follow this suggestion if I end up not smart enough to configure properly.
  20. So I’ve had limited success getting this working using mod rewrite in iis and it’s functional except for using the steam login option. That is also redirected so I have to figure out how to redirect just the map and not the login portion.
  21. So you're saying point the https:// My_Site toward the IP:port of the server?
  22. Don't suppose either of you would have the time to walk me through things would you? Got the web map going again after a restart so that was easy at least.
  23. Thank you gentlemen. I have some reading to do it seems. For now, I can't access the web map anymore so not sure whats up there yet. I hate servers lol.
  24. I’m having an issue with this although it’s not the fault of the server tool. I’m running an instance on a Windows 2016 server and the tool works fine. If I go to the ip, I can see the map. What I would like to do is have is render through a secure address. So instead of you would access it via https://my site.com I could not figure out a way to redirect or otherwise. I’m sure I’m missing a way to do it but it’s been awhile since I’ve delved into this technical of an issue. Any suggestions or post/topic I could look at that anyone is aware of?
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