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  1. As I said, there clearly is the ability to control what is downloaded from a server and / or workshop to a local user. Some files such as an exe have never been able to be. Literally thousands and more likely millions of assets have been downloaded from servers without issue. That speaks to the rarity of corruption issues. Now if tfp chooses not to include the option it is certainly their choice but in my mind and that of many others there is little reason for it not to be included. The option to download or redirect for files needed joining a server simplifies a server hosts job to some degre
  2. Partially correct. Done correctly there are a multitude of games that have and do use workshop or other methods to transfer maps, files, and other modifications. Why there could be potential, this has rarely if ever been an issue in all the years I have been gaming. This game would benefit from workshop Support significantly.
  3. Have to agree Tin. I've supported devs and content creators like yourself BUT it was always a matter of choice. Forcing players to purchase dlc to be equal to others, think SE, is just bad practice. Sure there are points to both I suppose but not ones I will support. DLC's are a completely separate topic and done well are a fair way to bring extra money into the development stream. Some truck sims have done this very well. I am not excited to pay for every state or continent but given the amount of work required I think its fair and users have the choice. This affects only the user and not ga
  4. Liking the looks of this. I didnt seem to notice the flashbang effect on the zombie populace though. Otherwise it seems correct when close to them as it should deafen and blind you to a good extent. Following along to see where this goes. No pvp here but against zombies could be helpful. 😀
  5. Sounds pretty much what has likely happened here. I’ll have to experiment more. Thanks for the tips gents.
  6. 2020-04-30T22:53:39 31286.644 ERR Task_CommReaderSteam (cl=76561197**********, ch=0): EndOfStreamException: Attempted to read past the end of the stream. When this happens you can no longer access the trader. After leaving you cannot place your motorcycle. I reset the chunk which seemed to resolve the issue temporarily. Once you leave the game the problem is fixed however any dukes you received are gone as is the inventory you sold. I am using a bigger backpack mod and suspect that is the issue. This is using the SteamCMD server files on a dedicated installation. If i
  7. Yep, seem alright now. I made a general post regarding the forum earlier as well. If those links are not updated within the forum software it will happen again so I hope it can be addressed. I suppose the redirect can be left in place though so that might be the answer here. Thanks for getting back to me. Loving these vehicles.
  8. Use of any links here fail now dues to the url change. I assume there was a redirect from https://7daystodie.com to https://forums.7daystodie.com and that seems to have expired or I didn't notice before. Every single thing such as links to existing mods and such fail unless it is to another site like git or elsewhere. Anyone else noticed this? Seems to have started recently as I am here daily.
  9. I wanted to install these today and I noticed that the forum redirect from the old address to the new is no longer working. I had the GitHub link but all the links in your first pages no longer work. I am not sure if the forum folks will take care of it or not. Its obvious it isnt this mods fault. Just a heads up.
  10. Hang in there Guppy. Wishing you the best and a get well soon.
  11. I did a fresh wipe on the server and then my personal system. I assumed that the mod should work with a minor update so if not, since I have some others , I will start adding one by one until I get to the problem. Ill add these alone first though to test. Oddly enough everything is working correctly. Maybe something didn't copy the first time but its fine now. All fresh files and a new game. Thanks for the mod at any rate.
  12. I tried installing these on my dedicated today and am getting null reference errors. Could this be due to the 18.4 stable update or something I nerfed on the install? Logs didn’t even seem to include the console spam which I thought was odd.
  13. Went with only whenever an update is issued. We bounce between games and as such its not really fair to commit to one designation. The main thing is we play until the challenge is gone. Then add mods, then tweak various things, then switch to other games. With a group of us we often reach what we consider "end game", tire of the grind, and play something different. If that makes sense.
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