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  1. btw, you've got a typo in one of your posts ffa800 or 255,268,0 -> wasteland should be ffa800 or 255,168,0 -> wasteland ^^
  2. Open the file with irfanview and select information from the image menu or however it's called. It shows a used colors count. Shouldn't be higher than six or something.
  3. Having added multiple biome files in the past, the only instances where i got those errors was when i forgot to disable antialiasing for my paint-tool and the second time where i resized with a smoothing option, inventing new colors. 15mins for a nice 10k map. I'm thrilled. With your workaround workflow, it works really great. A mask-image would be perfect.
  4. Would it be easier to create zones where no cities or pois should spawn, instead of saying where they should?
  5. Awesome! Getting better and better!! My wishlist for now would be: 12k maps additional step so i can adjust the biomes file before generating /custom biomes file remember last used settings
  6. I'm with guppy and khaine regarding the customization. Perhaps you could make the generation two step, first creating the base files, than give us an opportunity to adjust the output, and then generate the worldfiles? And more configuration options. Always more configuration options Our server population is very happy with the results so far, terms like "best map I've ever seen" are not uncommon now. We also like the uneven terrain and that vehicles have to mostly stay on roads. And since roads are butter smooth now, it's great. It felt cheap to be able to bike through terrain without any trouble at all
  7. whoops, wrongly posted. how can one delete a post? Oh well, as long as it's here... The amount of data just for cookies transferred from oracle.com was higher than the data of the website itself. Isn't that nice. And then they recommend using internet explorer *g* Do you think it's possible to port this to a programming language that's created/maintained by a more responsible company? This post can be deleted at any time please!!!
  8. Perhaps this wiki thing will help https://github.com/7days2mod/BadCompanySM/wiki
  9. Everything I do is available to the public anyway through git, don't worry. It's also a discontinued project, was part of my learning curve I believe in free software all the way. Probably because I don't make my money writing code. It's just when the need arises, and nobody else is doing it, that I go to work on stuff ^^
  10. @cata Those files should be in there accidentally, the panel has been obsolete for quite some time.
  11. He actually said "I will aim to get the next update out before Wednesday night", which is in no way definitive ^^ Anyhow, what do you need the update for? Anything not working? Do you need assistance? I don't remember seeing a question or anything recently Or is it a "I want an update, I don't care what it's for" kind of thing?
  12. Pulling up a help menu? would you mind outlining your exact steps? I don't even have an idea on what you are doing now, never seen any mod whatsoever with a help menu We all might be talking about different things here.
  13. ecv

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    backspace. you get rid of the box with backspace
  14. yeah, looking like an update is requird ^^ ** Working fine now, thanks for the quick update ^^
  15. Heh, I'd hazard a guess, but reading the release notes is pretty much required for things like these, no? And it's in bold letters *g* But yeah, it wouldn't hurt either, so if Alloc has time, I suppose it's a good idea ^^ On another note @Alloc: I'm not sure how exactly your mod works, does it have any control over the telnet? That thing is crashing sometimes and can not be recovered without restarting the 7dtd-server. Would it be possible to integrate a watchdog, possibly with a flag? So servermanagers could say: if you don't see traffic for 30 seconds, restart the telnet? Since servermanagers usually ping and request on a five second basis or less, that would totally work out
  16. Ohhhh, so the filters are adding output? cause i might be blind or dumb or both, but i never saw friends-data in the bc-lp output Thanks a bunch.
  17. Looking good so far. Pretty much got all together now for my bot Jut one thing I'd like to bother you with: Is there a way to get a players alliances and party info? Oh, and another one: Would it be possible to delete a playerfile and .bak/.map file from the server with a mod? Thank you for all your hard work!! Do you take donations of any kind? Patreon or Paypal or whatever? Can't do much as I'm struggling myself, but without your efforts, I'd have to write this on my own, which would mean half a year of learning how to do it at least *g*
  18. That is fantastic news!! Can't wait
  19. seems to be commercial, only for donators? or am I reading this wrong? "CSMM Patron's Mod (CPM) is a gift to all those that support Catalysm's Server Manager and Monitor by becoming a patron or direct donator." I am not a fan of commercial stuff for games There is talk of a lite version, but only download links to the full one. Also, there doesn't seem to be source code available? If all else fails, I'll have to resort to that. Seeing that I only need the chat command-hide and mute, i'd think this is overkill though. Can the features and commands be disabled at all?
  20. Hiding chat commands and mute players perhaps? That would be grand *g*
  21. ecv

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Middle mouse button. Now everything makes sense. Thank you <3
  22. ecv

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    that was what threw me, the button was not there i really had to right click the exe and tick a box in the settings. so i have managed to switch on four lights, but they all rotated to the same angle and also the light was directed in weird directions ^^ seems like it's not so trivial to just switch on a ligh source i've located it in the matrix, entered the blockid on the righ and put meta to 2. lights ON! but do i really have to enter each and every value for all fields? they dont seem to get filled in on select
  23. ecv

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Hmm, I've downloaded the file and tried to start zombie.exe, but windows 10 won't let me, not even as administrator. SmartScreen Defender is blocking execution of this probably Malicious software. there is no option to override. I have downloaded the 64bit version. What's up with that? a'ight, one can right click the exe, and allow it there. for some reason the option didn't show in the original window. fixed! Now to find out how to make a light actually work ^^
  24. I did manage it by now, got the map tiles and metrics working on 1.2. Contact me if you are interested. And sorry this took so long, forum notifications got send to my spam-folder
  25. a tiny bit off-topic, but has anyone had any success in displaying the map-tiles in a current leaflet installation (1.2)? I've been trying for days and have zero luck :/
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