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  1. Hi JaxTeller718, great mod. I am trying to add a backpack with 120 slots, it gives me an error in the option of the automatic buttons. Is there any option to add one? Greetings. Hola JaxTeller718, magnifico mod. Estoy intentando aٌadir una mochila de 120 ranuras, me da error en la opciَn de los botones automaticos. Hay alguna opciَn de que aٌadas una? Saludos.
  2. (Google translator) Hello everyone, could someone tell me step by step how to make this great tool work with the Compo-Pack? I am very clumsy about modifying things. Thank you.
  3. Hello, any option to increase the backpack to more than 60 slots?
  4. Hello, how could I increase the backpack in the new version of Ravenhearst Mod, I keep everything I find and I am not able to make it work. Thank you
  5. Hello everyone, sorry for my English, can I use the compopack 38 in the stable version 17.2? Thank you.
  6. I plan on looking into adding Ravenhearst compatibility once its updated to the latest game version. Sorcery relies heavily on the latest buff system features (Spells). -------------------------------------------- Thank you Devrix
  7. Hello, we hope that one day it is compatible with Ravenhearst
  8. What a backpack, I wish I had it to put on Ravenhearst Mod
  9. Hi, I think it's unlocked when you're going up character level
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