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  1. This is my first post and here are my five cents with survivalist difficulty experience: Bloodmoon is boring. No, really. Due to extreme FPS drops horde nights feels like a chore (Defend -> build/repair -> harvest resources -> repeat or die and wait). Just build defences you might say. Sure i can build spikes around my base to stop zeds for a while but they keep spawning and you get no XP. Electric fences gives only fraction of XP and has low durability. Shooting zeds in head while they run towards are almost impossible, due to fps drops and jerky animations. Oh, and their heads clip in walls while attacking them. Zeds run around base destroying everything due to weird pathfinding when they dont know how to get to the player. Vultures are good addition to the game, but they suck due to flying mechanics. "If you dont want horde nights then disable them". Ok, but then the game will very very quickly become "played through", like in 6 hours. So what do you suggest? Uhm, well. Start with performance. I believe that pathfinding causes fps drops due to very poor design. Next, change the horde response to the unreachable places. It would be cool is huge horde running towards players and climbing on each other just like world war z. Spider zombies could be assassins that climbs up walls and gets unexpecting players from behind. No matter what, the bloodmoon should be changed. However, A18 is the best version so far. The best part of this game is POIs, especially the new ones. Very well designed. The game has improved performance wise. Now i can play 20fps during blood moon with high-ultra settings on my high-end PC, 50-90fps on normal day and in buildings. Perk/skill system has improved a lot. Now people can actually have classes. Intellect class is extremely tempting due to crafting skills, however, big push-off due to junk turrets as main ranged weapon. So no one in team wants to waste skills on intellect to craft few goodies. Stealth system feels useless. Unless you using it for the bonus damage on the first shot. Cant say much about it because i never use it. And here is some ideas that i would like to mention for consideration. The storage system feels off. Whole teams loot could be stored in 5 crates. What if storage system would be redesigned? lets take concrete as an example, you have 6k of concrete., hats a lot of concrete blocks that can just fit in your pocket. Instead you could store concrete just like you find in POIs and carry only 10 bags (or blocks) per inventory slot. The more loot you have the bigger base. More loot -> bigger base -> harder to defend -> more resources you need. It would extend playthrough time by a lot. Thanks for reading
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