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  1. As someone else pointed out, the dog in A20 looks quite familiar to the RE one.
  2. Steam name: open6L Hours played: 6466 Started on Alpha: Alpha 4/5 Discord name: open6L#2387 Native language: English
  3. Noticed the Polished Stainless Steel is locked behind seedSnowBerry in the progression.xml. Shouldn't it be resourceSteelPolish?
  4. I say bring back 1 block crawl through, before bringing back this ridiculous exploit. LOL - - - Updated - - - +1.. When all else fails, use logic.
  5. open6l

    Car Respawning

    Edited: Disregard my post.
  6. Just wanted to chime in, I haven't had any issues importing player builds. I imported 6 of them today on a new b231 wipe using bcmanager 3.3.0. Simply used "import name" as always. This was on my dedicated server with EAC enabled. Are you able to view them in the prefab editor? Maybe try resaving them first.
  7. open6l

    Server Tools

    Nope. Works fine so long as you aren't using a custom chat. I had this issue in Starvation Mod until I disabled the mods custom chat then it worked fine. Also make sure you have it enabled in the xml and you are typing /day7 and not /7day.
  8. open6l

    A16 Valmod Pack

    You craft the new workbench called combine station. That is where you now combine items. It was removed from the main workbench and put into its own bench.
  9. open6l

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Classic Horde Survival is an entirely different mod also made by valmar. You should be using the link on the first page of this thread for the latest master since it points directly to his github link.
  10. open6l

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Probably because you couldn't shift+click items into the input slot since the modified workbench had custom tools in it. By separating it you can now shift click into the new bench.
  11. Thanks Stompy. Magoli beat you to it and had already hooked me up.
  12. Would anyone happen to have a copy of compo pack 11 for Alpha 12.5? If so could they kindly post a link to it? Thanks!
  13. open6l

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hey Valmar - obviously this is a lot of work and maybe the community can chip in and help but why not add all your progression info into the Localization - Quest xml so that everyone can access all the pertinent info by pressing Y in game. That way when questions come about they could use the ingame Journal as a mini wiki.
  14. open6l

    Server Tools

    Day7 announces when the next day 7 horde is. Change enable to True and type /day7 for it to display how many days before the next day 7 horde.
  15. open6l

    Server Tools

    <Command Command="hubcity" Response="tele {EntityId} 0 -1 0" DelayBetweenUses="30" /> That's a basic one that should teleport you to coords 0,0 at the surface when you type /hubcity in chat (with a 30 second cooldown).
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