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  1. Just curious. Does the Perception trait have any bearing on spell accuracy or impact given that you are using a bow launcher movement to cast the spell? Still loving it and can't wait to get the next set of spells etc
  2. Thanks Jaga. Just trying that now. Any suggestions on which versions of RH are best? I'm attracted to the 4K version of course and I'm hoping my rig can run it.
  3. A question about running sorcery with ravenhurst. Currently im running sorcery from the mod launcher so i get it with vanilla. I am guessing that i need to overwrite vanilla with ravenhurst and then run the sorcery mod to get both as i cant do both via the launcher? I tried to do that previously following Devrix instructions but i never sorcery, just ravenhurst working. Thanks from another old gamer
  4. Excellent. Let us know when the patreon site is open and how we can access it. Your work is fantastic and worth supporting
  5. Just want to say how much enjoyment i have got from playing your mod. I am a long time 7dtd player, started alpha 9, and i always found myself losing interest in a game around day 28. This time I'm at day 60 and still loving it. If you have a patreon account or similsr then let me know what it is as I'd love to give you some financial support.
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