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  1. How come all maps are mainly wasteland? Very steep cliffs leading into wastelands... Intentional?
  2. Tried several times in different ways, won't install no matter what. Keeps saying it's "not supported on this operating system". I run win 8. But don't put any more thought into this, I think that somehow my computer is fu.... up. I'll sort it out someway.
  3. Home from work and was trying again. The installation program gives the same error and directs me here https://docs.microsoft.com/sv-se/dotnet/framework/install/on-windows-8?utm_source=getdotnet&utm_medium=referral Seems like 4.7.1 has updated to 4.7.2 Note that this is no complaining from my side, just giving the info if this is affecting more than myself. And the launcher is a great tool btw! When it worked
  4. The installation program gives an error and says the version of the operating system is not supported.. I dont know what's wrong really. Could be something with my PC since it doesnt allow me to install Win 10 either.
  5. .NET 4.7.1 cant be installed on windows 8, and my PC (3 years old) refuses to install Win 10. So basically I cant run the new version.
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