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  1. As I see it I usually have part above ground and some below. It all depends upon where I am at start of the game. If it is in the mountain region I will have mainly a underground region for my base. On the 7 day I will use a POI for the 7 day with some traps and roof structures for protection against vultures. Depending on the POI it can last up to three times also depending upon what zombies come. I like the Shotgun messiah warehouse or the strip mall with the gun shop. It helps to clear these out on day 5 to help with return zombies.
  2. Trying to submit a poll for information gathering for my next build.
  3. I am talking that this only happen around a 1 to 2 hour game time that it happen. We would see them spawn and then get within about 2 or 3 steps and just fall over. It was just interesting and I was wonderning if it happen to anyone else. We tried to do it again but has not happen.
  4. Recently couple days ago we were playing and during a horde night day 14 we were holed up in the upper levels of the shotgun messiah for protection. My son fell off the roof and landed in the water below. Of course the zombies started to attack but instantly died upon being a couple steps in front of him. We were not playing no modes and it was crazy. After the horde night we were back at our base and the zombies were still dying before they could get to him. But after logging out and we came back later it would not work. Any ideas of what had happened?
  5. That is just it, it is not allowing me to do that. When I go to create it is still stating the Alpha 18 pack.
  6. Ok I will see what I can do. I played last night but nothing happened. So maybe it was just a glitch.
  7. I am not sure on that. I open my steam and then open the game. When I start a new game it will show the Volallha, Pregen 1,2,3 and Nazegame. When I go to the Volallha it will have A18 and give warning of failure if loaded. The 3 Pregens and the Nazegame will start in A19 no problem. I know that before in the Volallha game loadout I could name it.
  8. My son was setting blocks down for his base when seeing the rocket fly over head. As for the gun shot sounds we were running to the town or though some grass. But if it is a bug would it be heard on both computers? Also I heard it on my on game where I was alone. But it only happens on Pregen 2 worlds. That is why I thought it was odd.
  9. Question about this, why is it that I cannot not create any random worlds with Alpha 19? The area to create a world only has one area which is not compatibly with the Alpha 19 which has Alpha 18 listed? I updated the program but can only play Alpha 19 on the 3 Pregen worlds and the Nazegame. Any suggestions? By the way this is no mods for the game just straight play.
  10. I know another game that is a good comparison would be "Dead Island" series. I like this one to a point but 7 days is fall the best. But there are others like Resident Evil series, World War Z, Days Gone, Last of US, and State of Decay series. If I was to compare three on a some what equal level I guess I would use 7 days, Dead Island, Dying light, or sub in State if Decay. With these possible four would be somewhat equal level as of weapon building and building to some extent. Just my opinion.
  11. No the password was strong. I work with computers daily and have to use strong passwords. As for the rabbits arming themselves would explain the lack of wildlife. I will be playing it again tonight. Hopefully I will have another member join my game and then see if it happens again.
  12. It was a close game. Only two player max and password protected. Also I created a new game on my own in the same Pregen 2 and experienced the same thing. I have not seen the rocket yet but did heard the gunshots. Did not sound like 9mm but like 7.62 from an AK or Marksmen rifle.
  13. I will write them down when I get home and I will post them.
  14. I know my son set the server up but I heard the gunshots as well on my headphones. I know he started the games with 2 players max no mods and I have not seen anyone else on the game. Also if someone did get into the game it would show up on the allies icon correct if someone was on the server?
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