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  1. Aw sorry Bulldog. I didnt mean to trigger you.....er maybe I shouldn't mention trigger....damn.
  2. Noting I've been playing 7DTD on console on and off for years now. I've finally moved off the game and just stopped in to see whats happening on the forum..... Same old stuff. Time to take this old console port down to the back paddock, give it treat, remember the good old days.....and put bullet right between the eyes. You want a new and fresh buggy game, play Grounded. This is all in jest, let the hate begin
  3. Hey 7dtd14, Yeah, there are still quite a few playing the game. You Play Station or Xbox? Tip: Don't ask when an update is coming, lol
  4. I agree, it borders on a consumer rights issue. I bought the game when patches were still flowing for console. I would guess if the game info screen states it's still alpha, thats a nice legal backdoor
  5. Thanks Outlaw, 14 days into BASE test and not having a good time so far. Not come across anything new let alone much at all. Desperate to find a minibike plan, then I'll get a good look around. If this don't work out I'll go back to Navezgane as I never really saw everything there.
  6. Hi, Nothing on the xbox version, so pretty sure its not for PS4 either. I wouldn't ask if there will be any updates for console, you'll get roasted on this forum. The answer is, no updates for this generation of console, and no certainty for the future either.
  7. I understand the damage ratio both taken and given to zombies is altered, but are there other differences? I cranked up the difficulty last night and got totally owned. It feels like zombies can detect you from a much farther distance, and seem to be more sensitive to sounds and the heat map. E.g. found an isolated house in the forest, cleared the surrounding area with much difficulty, when i used my fire torch to explore the house I had 5 more attack the house. I dont know where they came from. Im sure there were none in visual range
  8. When I check out random map seeds, sometimes the slog is so hard I never get to explore everything before I give up on that map. The other week starting a new random gen map I came across skate park in the centre hub! Like......never seen that before. Now, I don't think I've seen all the POI's in the game even after slogging it out for some time. Trawling through old topics on maps, "BASE test" is sounding like a good one with 3 cities and 12 towns. I'm hoping that would have a selection of every POI
  9. Thanks, yes I seem to crash every 2 hours. I use that as my break time to get a drink and stretch up lol. That's trying to look on the positive side. Now my partner says, "come to bed next crash!" its clockwork
  10. Like, I would throw in, but me thinks it would take a lot of cash to make it happen. Imagine....... no crashes.....
  11. I'm one of us that has been persisting with console 7DTD on and off for a few years now. With some fun couch co-op, despite the crashes, and experimenting with map seeds, I have finally made it to 100+ days on solo without quitting in frustration and starting again. Yay for me. I see on the forums it's mostly about when is an update. I just hope to still be playing if an update/reboot comes. I look with envious eyes at YouTube clips of how the PC version has developed. Not going the PC way, there is something really fun about couch co-op survival. Just putting my 5 cents in and say
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