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  1. Hello all players very cost $ game on consoles... Game is crushed and reset my house. How i can see saves, or game remember obly last autosave? 96 hours real... All in *****)))) Thanks
  2. My advice: 1) Forget alpha 17, release 16.4 with OPTIMIZATION of resource usage. FPS walks from 130 to 20. (very rare - 5-8) My PC: i5 4690k R9 380 4GB 16gb RAM SSD Win 7 x64 Guys i play in very hard games on ultra and FPS 100+, never down <100 2) Close the cloning of things (bonfire, zombies, boxes) 3) The minibike constantly fails under the textures. 4) Put in order the use of electricians and farms (paragraph 1) 5) The system of sleeping is just SUCK. Sorry for being rude ... before you go into the house and kill everyone. And now after the zombie has woken up, y
  3. Lucerat

    Server Tools

    Realy... thanks man!!!!!!!!! I found this)))
  4. Lucerat

    Server Tools

    I am sorry But.. where config after start ?) I download, copy on server and start server (dedicated) i see in cmd - load success Where i can change needed options for server and not needed? Thanks!
  5. Lucerat

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Need wipe dedicated server for expansion mod?
  6. May be you have teamviewer? I show you from 0 to 100% connect, settings and you answer on my question - where i mistake in options My skype: Richardvonhell we can meet in skype and select time for view my big fail )))
  7. I connect from total commander (i using he for ftp connections) This is my way to ftp and in saves you can see path created by programm [ATTACH=CONFIG]19455[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]19456[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]19457[/ATTACH]
  8. Oh sure The picture on the right - connected to the FTP On the left, the picture entered the folder[ATTACH=CONFIG]19443[/ATTACH]
  9. You did not understand IP I hid Blurted out or instead of the address used the abbreviation IP When connected, it shows that it does not see the settings. Creates its own path, exactly the same as it needs before the configuration file For example, IP-6011 / Saves / SBS-Pve / The program makes the path IP-6011 / Saves / SBS-Pve / IP-6011 / Saves / SBS-Pve / BARS Archives
  10. Need help with settings Hello I need your help in setting up the program I attach a screenshot Top left - settings Top right - view from the program The bottom left is my way to ftp Right from the bottom - the program created this path when connecting to the FTP Thanks in advance[ATTACH=CONFIG]19406[/ATTACH]
  11. An excellent program, looking at the potential I'm having problems with the setup, help me please Left top - config Top right - view from the program From the bottom left - my virtual game directory On the right, from the bottom, the program has created directories and looks there for Players, server config, and so on.[ATTACH=CONFIG]19400[/ATTACH] Thanks for any help
  12. Hello It is a beautiful fashion The author GIANT thanks Prompt, it is compatible with 15.2 B8? I put - have built underwater I saw in the beginning of the theme message of the compatibility only with the 105 version. But can someone tested on G8 Thank you
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