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  1. I'll have a look. What locale is your system set to?
  2. Oh yeah, it's for the log-channel system the console guys added. It doesn't hurt, iirc by default nothing is enabled to go there anyway.
  3. Does it really say you're not logged in after logging in or do you simply not see any map after logging in?
  4. Well, if you log in again you will get a new session, that's ok. That should also happen if you were to relogin on the working server, it's just that you normally wouldn't do that The interesting part here is that the browser does indeed seem to send the session cookie with the requests, so that's fine too. No idea currently what would cause your issue
  5. Yeah, this looks fine. Does it also send the cookie to the server on the following requests?
  6. You didn't answer the question though Does it set the cookie on the server with the issue or does it not?
  7. Have you checked if your browser accepts the session id cookie for the page? That's the only thing I can imagine where it could fail. If the game runs it shouldn't have any other external dependencies that would break something like that.
  8. No issues at all on my end with A16. Also the whole web handling hasn't been changed and changes in A16 can't have any impact on this stuff either.
  9. Thanks Sylen Was aware of those changes (of course, some even came from my side ), just had more critical stuff to work on. I'll try to finally get the scripts updated these days.
  10. @all: Regarding the animals: I'll have a look when we get closer to A16 stable, currently just too busy with fixing stuff etc I don't see why it would fail if it says that you got the permission level assigned correctly. *Unless* you have cookies turned off that is No, the error is "normal" as it simply can't validate the certificate chain.
  11. Have you checked the hostiles display instead of animals?
  12. Read on the permissions stuff for the web interface, that's probably what you're running into. Also test logging in with a Steam user that has level 0 admin permissions on the server.
  13. Sounds like an permission issue, quite sure not on the mod's/game's end at least.
  14. CBSM isn't a mod, it's completely external to the game, and he's only charging for providing the service. I don't see an issue here. Others do the same btw (at least Botman)
  15. Is it still really giving you that error or are you just having issues with the web map? I'd bet it's safe to say that if you're really hitting the open files limit you either haven't increased the limit enough or you did something wrong with that. Looks like the installation failed as there was an issue with /etc/init.d not existing. I suppose that's due to the switch to systemd. In the end it shouldn't matter a lot though, it just means it won't auto start any instances during system boot. Most likely bash-completion is not installed or activated for root.
  16. Sounds like the contents of /etc/7dtd.conf were corrupted. Would recommend starting with looking at that file first, should be similar to https://7dtd.illy.bz/browser/scripts/etc/7dtd.conf
  17. Well, you failed to compile the daemon during installation of the scripts. Go to /usr/local/lib/7dtd/start-stop-daemon and run make. Either it succeeds in which case you're done or it fails and in that case you'll have to fix the reasons why it's failing (most likely missing dependencies for compilation).
  18. No automatic sync, not even sure if client side changes are synced to the entity on the server. You'll have to look into manual syncing, probably something like sending the PlayerStats netpackage manually.
  19. Yeah, and no blocks on my end (at least not on HTTP level, got a few chinese IPs/ranges blocked on the FW, but that wouldn't result in any HTTP error codes).
  20. Good question ... just tried and both download just fine Some proxy in between that might block that stuff?
  21. As in "too busy to add anything"?
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