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  1. The update. First though please update the scripts again (also with --force as you're probably running an intermediate version of 109 already) and see if that already helps.
  2. I only see an INFormation line there, no error. So no issue Error in a command from Coppi's mod -> error in Coppi's mod obviously He already fixed it though as far as I'm aware.
  3. That's what I kinda feared ... run with --force for now.
  4. "It doesn't work" will never get you any help (Windows isn't the problem here though, most 7dtd servers run on Windows) Just someone probing your server for certain paths, nothing special. Reminds me though that I should probably disable that output, doesn't really serve any purpose other than debugging
  5. Yeah, cron files have to be root.root for security reasons, otherwise they aren't executed. With root.root though it should really work. Have you checked that it's still not executing after an hour?
  6. Yeah, "as" is ok (Not applying in this speicifc case) Though if the casted value is not used (e.g. for adding to a list) I'd still recommend using just "is" as I suppose the actual cast will still increase the cost
  7. That will give you exceptions all the time, most likely impacting performance (you can't just cast everything to EntityEnemy, that's not how casting works ). Btw, that bug (as well as a bunch of other stuff) is fixed in the latest release.
  8. If it's you who proposed that feature ... how can it be cool?
  9. Can you check what permissions / owner the cron file has?
  10. What little icon? No idea what you're talking about ^^ Not that I would know of anything like that.
  11. It's a change in the game that needs a recompiled mod. I'm going through my list of tasks today (most likely) and hope to get a new build out, at latest til friday.
  12. Sorry, not sure what you're asking for here? You mean a legend for the colors and text labels on POIs?
  13. Just delete the "map" folder from the save game.
  14. Well, if you configure your server to have the control panel on 8082 then it's obvious the web map is on 8084 (as per the documentation) Both the game's control panel and the "Telnet" interface still exist though.
  15. Oh, sorry, forgot to mention I found the issue and fixed it Thanks for the report.
  16. Theoretically probably yes, but I think this could add even more overhead to the performance issues with those events. I'd rather look at why it's so bad on performance in the first place and optimize the code there than spending time adding such thing to the mod / game Hm, really weird. Tested that same thing here just now and I still can't repro it unfortunately Ah yeah, that's definitely an A16 issue, will be fixed in an update these days.
  17. Sure, next one will probably be a really minor one though (improving the item spawn commands, hopefully getting all the enemies / animals showing correctly again). Nope. For one the only full .NET SSH library I found costs a ton. And it would probably be quite heavy on the engine. Anyway, you're free to add one yourself. Hooking whatever you find up with the game shouldn't be hard, basically just implement the IConsoleServer interface. That's all normal, should be fine. Hm, that's interesting. Always testing this stuff on my local network only ... Can you give me
  18. So, what does the log say after a login attempt?
  19. Looks fine. Maybe try using the correct port in your URL?
  20. Actually rendermap won't do anything different than what you get anyway: Only the visited areas of the map will get shown (it's meant for if you add the mod after the save has already been played on for a while. Use A16 vanilla's visitmap command.
  21. Don't forget to add the "validate" flag to the command.
  22. Wonder how this is related to the mod Anyway, nothing changed and in my tests it still works just fine.
  23. Not related to this thread at all ... but anyway, there's no issue, it's just that the tickrate (=FPS) target lock code works better now than pre A16, meaning the targeted 20 ticks per second should now properly be achieved instead of running faster at times. Yeah, that's been in like forever ... should really fix this. Think it's like an empty var due to the string parsing or something like that.
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