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  1. At Catalysm: Will be in the next release. Thanks Prisma, that way I didn't have to think about that stuff Renamed it to GetPlayerInventories though and added SteamID and EntityID fields to the output so it's easier to connect the received data to whatever internal structures the receiving application might have
  2. Yeah, will add that for a17. Thanks for reminding me of that one
  3. No, that's not planned as the goal is to have the dedi itself support different mod selections for different instances.
  4. Cool, glad it's still of use Regarding server managers: You might want to have a look (or ask) at this thread.
  5. Roughly 15% of the servers that are listed are hosted from Linux. Of course 64 bit is supported. Officially supported: Debian based systems.
  6. No idea what you're even talking about Should've been more precise in my previous post I suppose Released an update that fixed it (for now, until Valve decides to do another change without announcing it).
  7. Well, even though at first it looked like it was not it seems like it was the issue. I won't be surprised if this breaks again soonish though, looks like Valve is making some backend changes these days.
  8. Yeah, something on Steam's OpenID provider must have changed, will have to check. Unfortunately not much time today, could take til tomorrow afternoon (like 28h maybe).
  9. The uncovered map areas ingame on clients are only bound to the server's world GUID. This means that it should work as long as your server properly saves it's world header file (main.ttw). Can't help you with that, that must be something within RAT's browser engine. Same as with the uncovered maps for clients: Bound to the world GUID. Not properly getting the main.ttw saved can lead to the GUID changing and the client thinking you connect to a new world. World time is also part of the main.ttw. All this sounds like you got an issue with that one saving. A log might give more
  10. With 4 GiB being used? Doubt so
  11. Other than a temporary OpenID system failure on Steam's end yesterday there's been no issues (and also no code change in a long time). Must be something specific on your end. Does the issue persist? What's the full log, at least around the error? The RemoteCertificateChainErrors is ok, it's just because the game server doesn't have the root cert that's responsible for Steam's cert and thus can't validate it. That's "ok" though and shows for everyone. RemoteCertificateNameMismatch shouldn't be in there though. Almost sounds like something is making you connect to another server or things
  12. Less off-topic than a lot of other posts in here Actually tried updating to 1.0 some time ago but as a lot of stuff changed in how the coordinate system works and I didn't want to spend too much time at that point I didn't follow it through to the end. Still gotta get that done at some point, 1.0 has some major improvements, especially the pin handling.
  13. Well, if the world was started with the mod already in you can simply use the game's visitmap command. If the world was started before adding the mod than the world might have areas explored that aren't yet on the map and those would most likely not be added with visitmap alone (not sure right now though), in that case you'd have to run rendermap afterwards but that would take a loooot of time then.
  14. Has never been part of this mod but the core game. Was a mistake it was enabled in the public build in the first place though
  15. Other than it taking a moment it shouldn't have any negative impact at least. Could have some positive effect, but can't say how much it would help with that
  16. Hm, yeah, seems like the component doesn't register any resizing of the area it uses so fails to use it when it gets bigger. Will have a look if this can be fixed. Sounds like a good idea, added to my list. That's just what the game says about them (and kinda ok imho as those are actually attacking you). Yeah, that's been in there for a while now and even already had a ticket Just never got around to it. There's still a lot of work to be done on the web page. Not exactly sure if this can be achieved as it would have to have a fallback if you don't have any custom icon
  17. No, it's just the version of the scripts. But it even tells you to run with --force to be sure ... Anyway, update the scripts and you should be good.
  18. Sorry, hadn't been forwarding in some time, thought I already had that in Will put out a new build later / tomorrow that reads that header.
  19. Huh? No idea what you're talking about... the game's been using Steamworks (i.e. the Steam API) since as far back as I can remember. Possibly not right from the first versions of the game on Steam but certainly at least since like A6. So what are you referring here? ^^
  20. Nope, as far as I'm aware references in .NET referring to things of other libraries do so by exactly specifying what assembly they belong to (optionally even with version numbers and then even those would have to match).
  21. Actually the mod has always been using UTC, just JS didn't know it when reading it Added the missing "Z" to the time now. Nope, it's part of the mod so this is the thread for it Technically yes, but not sure if that's going to happen. This whole thing is still targeted as an administration interface, end-user support by permission levels is just a minor additional feature of it Will put it on my list though, as soon as there's a DB (wouldn't really work properly without one after all) in the backend I'll think about it again. Hm, never looked into how the heatmap
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