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  1. That's custom code added by others and giving back seems to be feel bad to some @Others: Suppose your issues are fixed as no one further commented after Curbolt's (probably correct) suggestion of updating?
  2. Sorry for the delay. If you set up the server with my Linux scripts it should work just fine. I'd recommend not installing them manually though but through 7dtd.sh updatefixes. That should get it done right. Either way, for more help we'd need more info, like a directory listing and a server startup log.
  3. If you tried directly without any proxy involved it should work just fine. The web page uses the HOST header from the HTTP request to figure out where to redirect to and that won't be changed by e.g. NAT routers. A reverse proxy on the other hand could send a new HOST header as part of its request. I assume that's what nginx does by default. Apache has a "ProxyPreserveHost" directive for this that will fix it, nginx most likely has a similar directive.
  4. So I assume for other players (i.e. externals to your network) you do port forwarding through your router? Or do you use a reverse proxy like Apache? At what point exactly do they see the internal IP? On Steam's OpenID login page and when returning from there they get redirected to your "http://<your local ip/port>/session/verify"?
  5. If running on Linux also make sure the case on the XML is correct, it needs to be ModInfo.xml.
  6. Just released v111, which should work fine with A17. Still thinking about removing the instance editor, it's a pain in the ass to keep updated and also makes it incompatible with different versions of the game (e.g. when switching back to A16 now). Sorry for the long delay, was kinda bad timing on the A17 release for me
  7. The default (disabling SteamNetworking) is good to go (that's why it is default ) for typical dedicated servers. LiteNetLib typically performs better than SteamNetworking. The only reason to use SteamNetworking would be if your server is behind a NAT router and you don't want to / can't open the required ports. Though in that case outside people will still only be able to connect to your server once someone connected locally and the others are on this persons friends list. The second command is wrong, it would be "--branch latest_experimental". Though your first version is preferred
  8. So, is this still an issue for you? Yeah, rendermap is currently not working. Wondering though what your reasons for using it even are. This was basically only meant for the very first round as people back then added the mod way after starting a save game. This command does not give you any advantage if you run the mod from the start of a new savegame. As I said this must be an issue on your end. What OS are you running? If Linux, what distribution? Thanks, fixed You mean the amount of zoom levels (i.e. zooming further out)? Or zooming further in,
  9. Are you looking at the correct directory? I.e. saves/<worldname>/<gamename>, not saves/rwg/<gamename>?
  10. Should work with the latest patch now.
  11. Ok, think I know what it is, will have to do some fixes
  12. Shouldn't matter but you're back two versions by now That is weird though, it clearly states you're allowed to access all modules when asking the server ( http://7days.the-craftsmen.com:25003/userstatus ), still not showing stuff. Are you sure you have all my files without modifications to them?
  13. Fixed the path issues, using the GameStartDone event in stead of GameAwake results in safe to use paths.
  14. Yeah, seems like someone (naming and shaming is forbidden on this forum so I don't have to say "Alloc", yay) is accessing that path too early in the startup process. Your second path would be correct. And they're all set to permission level 0? Cause your post only showed one person set to 0.
  15. For your generic XML issues I recommend using e.g. Notepad++ with the XML plugin. It will tell you when the general XML structure is borked (like if you forget to close an XML element, mismatching open and close names etc).
  16. Yeah, the instance editor isn't updated yet so needs manual fixes to the config when you use it. Hm, password should not affect using LiteNetLib. Our testers have been doing this for months. Can you disable SteamNetworking again and create a bug report with a log from both client and server after failed login with password? Thanks And you can already use the old ones with the new release, just have to fix the config.xml according to Mornus' post above whenever you used the instance editor from the scripts.
  17. Reminder: This is not a 7 Days To Die bug report thread. This is only about my Linux server management scripts.
  18. I.e. not only you accessing it? And others have issues, you don't? If they don't have permission level 0 they won't be able to see everything as per your permission setup. So all fine. There's a help in the console for that specific purpose. - - - Updated - - - Basically there's only one real reason: Errors. So any in your log?
  19. Should remove that one ... anyway, just use the game's visitmap command. Unless you really want to just have the webmap render only the parts that you already uncovered anyway. In this case though it only would do you any good if you installed the mod after starting the savegame. So unlikely to be of any help.
  20. Scripts weren't updated yet. You were probably looking at the server mod. Scripts will work for the most part, but the serverconfig editor isn't updated to work with the new settings yet. --, not ++ Log? Sounds like a generic issue though so might better go to the bug report thread. Wrong world, there's no "Random Gen".
  21. Yeah, 16.1 requires 12_14_19, 13_15_20 requires A16.2 as stated in the release notes. That line is not relevant for normal use. Hard to tell with the amount of information given. Most likely though you aren't logged in as level 0 admin on the website *and* didn't change the permissions to accomodate for this if you don't want to / can't login.
  22. Sounds like your server has issues talking to Steam's OpenID authentication server. Like a proxy or firewall in between blocking/changing the connection. Wonder why it's a TLS exception and not a generic one but not sure what the .NET HTTP libraries do in that regard.
  23. But also not logged on now? Or is that about people who haven't been playing for weeks but now came back and they did not show up? No, nothing like that. Theoretically it should keep just everything
  24. Sorry for the late reply. Is the player logging in at some times and still not showing up or is it about one that hasn't recently logged in at all? Of course it could be some kind of corrupted data in the bin, but without actually looking at it it's hard to find out. The error though is at least not directly related, it's only about executing another command. If the player entry was corrupted and does not load because of that there should be another error, most likely at the start of the server itself. Also depending on the kind of corruption I'd expect it to break all of the data. Reall
  25. Well, if the game supports to select the mods that should be enabled on a per instance base (probably from serverconfig) there's no need to have different engine folders. You'd just have one and specify which mods to load on each instance.
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