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  1. Yeah, for the instance editor the scripts need changes, I'll try to get them in today, but no promises. IIRC there's been no breaking changes so the server should still start fine even without an updated instance editor, but you would obviously miss out on the new options as well (as sylen stated already) get a wrong view on the drop on death values in the editor. That's probably because you had set the scripts to latest_experimental before and there actually is a newer build on it now, you just missed to supply the password that's requried for now
  2. If you look for usages of GameUtils.GetLaunchArgument you'll find almost all of our custom ones. Currently -language=<value> -nosteamnetworking -nolitenetlib -debugnet -debugeac[=verbose] -debuginput[=verbose] -debugxui[=verbose] -exportcustomatlases
  3. A18 "requires" a new build due to a few changes (mostly networking + item icons). Uploaded one today, that should be fine with A18 stuff.
  4. But typically only at the first post (if at all ) and the last ones Suppose you're not talking about my scripts but rather the 7dtd server in general? There's no general verbosity setting, just a few specific ones like networking.
  5. Oh my god, that's over 1000 posts old ... who even reads that stuff?
  6. I think you might be on the wrong forum here ... This is about 7 Days to Die, not any other game.
  7. That's what I'm saying ... there won't be a "Navezgane" world folder in Saves as the Nav-world is only in game/Data/Worlds
  8. If you create a savegame on Navezgane it will use the Navezgane folder in <game>/Data/Worlds/Navezgane. So if you go that route you have to overwrite the files in that folder. That means you overwrite Navezgane and that doesn't change if you do it prior to starting a Navezgane save or before
  9. If you're going to overwrite Navezgane anyway, why not just do that before even starting it for the first time? Either way, there's a bunch of posts in this thread regarding everything you need to know to use worlds on a dedi, including a section close to the end of the OP.
  10. Me too The game running on .NET 3.5 up to A17. A18 will finally run on .NET 4.5.
  11. Yes, the explanations of zootal do way more than required as I stated before. The only things you do need to do: Make sure the GameWorld config value has the name of your custom world and put the world in a location the game can find (locations listed in the linked post). Explicitly overriding UserDataFolder only helps with finding the location by actually defining it yourself. A good game server provider would not even allow you to change the UserDataFolder / SaveGameFolder or any of the port settings
  12. @Damocles: Long time since I wrote Java code ... But would it be possible to read out the runtime word size as well as the heap limit setting and a) show it on the UI somewhere and maybe b) give the user a big warning window when not running 64 bit and a heap setting of at least e.g. 6 GiB? Think that would help a lot with those issues
  13. Did you make sure you're running a 64 bit JRE?
  14. Oh stupid me ... Of course it won't properly shutdown for you as the shutdown command is issued to the 7dtd process with the netcat (nc) program and it looks like you don't have that installed. I noticed that before but ignored that as not important right now, but obviously shutdowns won't work without it (that's also the reason why you don't see any mention of "Telnet" connection being established and a console command issued in that log) Thanks for the deco file though, maybe we can find what is causing it to fail
  15. Looks like your decoration.7dt is borked. It's mostly about trees, so shouldn't hurt a lot to just delete it. Though it would be appreciated if you could first upload it somewhere.
  16. Hm, yeah, basically it's not much of an issue, just has to be configurable ... And configuration is something I wanted to wait on til I can provide some generic storage for mods in 7dtd so it's not like it is now with everyone using his own stuff I'll see about some simpler solution for now and get that added, but *most likely* not within the next two weeks.
  17. Either the server did not shut down fast enough (in that case it *could* be an issue if it was not finishing saving data) or it did not properly end all threads (which would only be not so nice behaviour on the server's end that we should get fixed). Would be interesting to see the log of such a terminated session. For more information. Also you can increase the timeout in /etc/7dtd.conf, if it was the first case that should help.
  18. What version of Ubuntu is this? Maybe you need to enable some of the additional packet sources (universe, multiverse).
  19. Hi Damocles, cool program Just a few hints for your doc / folder layout: 1. If you put your additional files that the game does not need (like the genHM.png etc) in a subfolder of the world they won't be transferred over the net in MP games. That would help users with not having to fiddle with the output of your tool 2. WorldGenSeed and WorldGenSize are options relevant for GameWorld=RWG only (as the notes in the serverconfig say). No reason to specify them. The only thing you need at all for a custom world is GameWorld. 3. The example shows overriding the UserDataFolder to fi
  20. Yeah, the build id detection is still wonky (thanks Valve for not fixing your issues ). As you did --force should always work, though theoretically if you only run the updateengine once with at least 10min delay in between you *should* also get the proper data. If it's not starting it's *probably* due to the changes in the serverconfig as outlined in the release notes of 17.2. Biggest issue should be the removal of BlockDurabilityModifier and ZombiesRun. Added config stuff should just be ignored as it would stay at the default if not overridden in the config. Will have to update the script
  21. There's basically two things that make you lose your login status: Your (server facing) IP changes (e.g. by getting a new one assigned from your ISP on a reconnect) or your browser forgets the cookie with the session ID. Of course if the server is restarted you also have to relogin. Doesn't look like there's an issue with the current ones and 17.2.
  22. This mod does not have any hooks. If you're talking about the Linux scripts please use the appropriate thread, you will probably get more help there Currently not without changing and recompiling the mod's code yourself.
  23. @Xenophobed44: Would at least need some logs. @catalysm: Yeah, seems like I forgot to clean up my local folder, but this must've been in for some time now. It was never actually used, iirc I only diffed the map.js file from ecv's version and mine to get his changes for Leaflet 1 in. @ecv: Sorry I had those files in, not sure if those were ever public from your end
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