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  1. Don't make eating a chore. A game is supposed to be fun, not work.
  2. I concur. I have a house in the country, even on a new moon you can see at night; your eyes adjust. Additionally TFP have given you control to meet your preferences. Not sure much more needs to be done as long as you can adjust anywhere from pitch black to almost daylight.
  3. sorry, if my sarcasm went unnoticed. I posted that in response to folks complaining about how far the quests were. p.s. done for the day I guess, lol. FWIW, Ive got another RWG Im playing that has EVERY quests >1.2k
  4. Made a new RWG today. Trader was literally across the street from where I spawned in. These distances are gonna be exhausting.
  5. My random thoughts on recent topics: . Cheese - with freedom comes great responsibility... If something is "cheesy" and "ruins" your game experience, and you continue to use said cheese, that's a you thing. If something is broken, i.e. pathing errors, that's a TFP thing Quest distance - works great, sometimes your just gonna get a bad batch, damn RNGeezus. I've had quests where I had several under 500m away and days where nothing was under 1.2k. I love Roland's idea of having the Trader quest not show up until a later time so people take the first day-ish to e
  6. have the doggos gotten a refresh? or are they planned for one?
  7. thats my point Guppy, they shouldn't all be sleepers. should be a mix of some sleeping and some tooling around, even if most are sleeping, never knowing when one might walk around the corner Maybe if they can have them on a random timer of wake/sleep.
  8. This...POIs should not be 100% sleepers
  9. terrible idea adding food consumption to driving, in my opinion. If its to keep folks from driving off on horde night, just have the electric storm from the blood moon disable vehicles. If its just a food sink, then remove the amount of food, while improving the quality of it. In the spirit of open dialogue, I have never been a fan of the amount of micromanagement food takes in this game. Its probably my biggest pet peeve with the game at this point.
  10. Steam name: rusrec00 Hours played: 1302 Started on Alpha: 11 Discord name: Tornside Native language: Texan Operating system : Windows
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