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    i can ride my minibike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars

    look at me look at me, bow in hand and its good to see a deer alive
    and im a famous hunter even tho my arrows are all crooked-y

    i can show you how to make pie dough
    i can show you how to scrap a radiator
    i can take apart a minibike motor
    and i can almost put it back tohether

    why oh why did this road just end
    blocked by a massive rock again

    i can cross a map end to end
    if i could only find my glitched bike again

    i have the bike parts i need
    if i could only find that damn book again

    me and my friends found a crack a book
    bu theres bear again
    so guess how long that took...

    i can go anywhere i want to cus look:
    i can sprint forever without chugging beer
    without yucca juice
    without sex t-rex

    cus i can see your check on my minimap
    my mini map
    and i got your back

    and your only 4km away at 9pm
    at 9pm
    so run my friend

    look at me look at me found zbear and its alive
    and its lookin at me
    as i run through the biomes from it still looking for the book i need

    i can make a auger now
    if only i had the parts i need
    ahhh look its another working stiff store
    mabye theyll finnaly have the calipers i need

    i can make herbal antibiotics
    i can make a base thats quite aquatic
    i can make you craft a product for meee
    cus my tool crafting is only 93
    hammers axes and a lufa
    well mabye youll make me 2 of 3

    me and my friends understand the nature
    of having mini hordes want you for dinner

    cus i can defend a base with a hunting rifle
    a hunting rifle
    just a hunting rifle
    well mabye i can also a crossbow man
    with exploding bolts
    for those undead dolts

    and i can split this pig meat with you
    cus you brought me lots of fresh eggs dude

    i can ride my minibike with no handlebars
    no handle bars, no handle bars

    (sorry got carried away there xD)
  • Location
    Running though the woods with a crossbow
  • Interests
    zombie movies, zombie games, zombie books, and anything having to do with RE
  1. so i stumbled across an interesting one... 'Nipopolis' (no quotes, N capitalized) -mostly dominated by grassland/forest across a good portion of the map -not a huge ammount of towns (that ive noticed this far) -good mining veins in several locations -a INCREDIBLE amount of animals, like more than i can hunt and more than ive EVER seen in any randomgen map since i started playing (tested this two additional times and the critter spawn rate is phenomenal, which is why im loving this map) (and yes the name is a south park reference incase you were wondering)
  2. so we have a weird one here: cabininthewoods its Cabin in the woods, no caps, no spaces. despite its name there is more islands than woods and a lot of biomes mixed and intercutting eachother. Theres a LOT of little islands, a bunch with houses on them. this seen is also VERY bizarre because it has roads that connect some of the islands but the roads actually go underwater at multiple points. its also has some roads that randomly dead end into cliff and hill walls. It is not majorly aquatic but has abundant lakes. very weird layout generation but thoroughly entertaining, especially when you explore a lot
  3. so we found a new one last night.... i was in a group and one of them accidentally hit L2 with broken glass in his hand. Apparently if you EAT broken glass your going to have a bad time. It causes internal bleeding that will kill a 100hp character in under 3 seconds. Another teammate wanted to try it and kept a bandage to stop the bleeding in the very next toolbelt slot. He could not switch to the bandage quick enough and died in under 3 seconds. Were going to try again if we get a person to 150-200 and see if we can stop the bleed quick enough. so.... fun fact of the day, broken glass holds no nutritional value
  4. i found the same also applies to landmines with wrenches too, something you only have to find out once lol
  5. Ugh so i have a new one.... Last nite a buddy of mine and i were playing in survival. We came across a radio tower and i had the BRILLIANT idea of hacking it down to harvest all of the iron, which on paper sounded amazing. So we begin to hack away at the supports and as soon as i take my final one out i look to my buddy whos just finishing his. I started shouting RUN RUN RUN but it was way too late. The entire tower came down on our heads killing us both! xD On the upside though once we went back and got our bags, all the iron left behind from the collapse combine with the base supports gave us around 300 iron... so theres that
  6. So i had built a base on one of those fishing shacks in the middle of a lake, up on the support pillars and dock. I went to leave my base one day and jumped over the railing and into the water.... however the water wasnt there. I went under water but nothing slowed me and i feel roughly 3 stories to the lakebed, breaking my legs and leaving me at 8hp. I drowned trying to swim back up. Stupid non-physical water
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