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  1. Crater-Creator Fix the weather a good idea. Good mod, but there are deficiencies. To loot the number of items low. For example, two nails, one arrowhead, and four tokens... It would be good to increase the number of rounds in gun safes and cabinets, not less than 20. Found concrete mixture in amount of 29, why? You need at least 100, then it will be good. Will it be fixed?
  2. I write through the translator. Potatoes in the coals. Without a lattice. The game is quite products but very few recipes. Why not roast potatoes with meat or mushrooms in the pan? There are different canned food can be cooked in a pot and get high-quality food. That's the problem. Finds little. For example, three nails. Didn't make the box. Or one arrowhead. And what is it for? It eats up a glass jar together with the stew? It is not logical! If I'm not mistaken, this was fixed in alpha 14. Why not melt the fat in a tin? The water boils, and therefore the fat can...
  3. Searched for nests in the trees until I realized that this is fiction it would be Good to fix baked potatoes and he will prepare the coals without a grate. Add more recipes, such as fried potatoes with meat, fried potatoes with mushrooms, pizza... In the loot drops a little number of items: one nail, three coin, single arrowhead... Garbage bags in the woods all empty. After drinking meat stew is not refundable empty glass jar.
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