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  1. JaxTeller718 The right column of cells of the moped basket climbs out of the screen.
  2. Horde zombie bulldozer will pass, stone on the stone will not leave
  3. I'm playing in SP. Is there a solution for this mode?
  4. Perhaps NPC shoots into the trading area, which causes an error. Once this happened when approaching the trader. What would the console no longer open, I had to run away and press <ESC> in parallel. The second time I was inside the trade zone, and a bandit passed by. He swore and shot at the zombies. The red console ceased to open after the zombie killed the bandit.
  5. A pop-up red console will be fixed in the new version? A similar problem was in << Val +SDX With Npc and bandits >> If the NPC approaches the trading area, an error pops up.
  6. Shoot, turn on the turret settings.
  7. Mod is downloaded to the folder <TempMods> and takes about 1.5GB. After the end of the download, you need to start from the 7D2DLauncher for the first time. Subsequent 7D2DLauncher can be carried out without a launcher, directly running the file <7DaysToDie.exe>
  8. SawedOffPumpShotgun do not kill. Shot 16 rounds in the head of a woodcutter, but he does not care. This is specially cut, because of the NPC?
  9. Crater Creator In this version the heat from the fire is normal.
  10. Crater Creator The weather is not predictable. Located in a forest biome, at an ambient temperature of +17C, the snow fell. I have the feeling that there is a huge inertia (hysteresis), displaying the temperature not kept pace with the actual. Return characteristics of clothing on the standard. In the desert it is impossible to be, is overheating (completely naked). In the original version solved the problem hat, shorts or t-shirt. For cold biomes carry a jacket or raincoat. Reduce the radius of the heat from the fire and foundries up to 2 blocks. He is now obscenely large.
  11. Crater Creator I understand correctly, the weather returned to standard?
  12. Crater Creator When lay version 2.5?
  13. Crater Creator I think you need to do the binding on the dealer. This method radically changes the gameplay and is the game from the other side. It is not logical to make a steel axe or a shovel, but to buy from a dealer is quite real, as well as other delicate things.
  14. Crater Creator Day 44, I finally found a recipe shotgun. Hallelujah!
  15. Explain what affects <Loot settings>?
  16. Crater Creator HUD rules himself. Took piece of code from wanderingShadow UI. The difference of temperatures see at the top left of the screenshot. On the second screenshot clearly shows the change of temperature after loading a save. I forgot, good that asked, I use COMPOPACK.
  17. 35 days not found book not a shotgun. Therefore can not assemble it. You've found in the game this book? Loot settings 50%. This is the reason? I thought that the percentage effect on frequency, not quantity. I came to the winter biome. Temperature +15 degrees Celsius. Out of the game. Downloaded the save. The temperature was -20 degrees Celsius.
  18. Начинать новую игру не хочу пока. Попробую повторить и сделаю скриншоты. Start a new game not yet. I will try again and make screenshots.
  19. Crater Creator Появилась проблема, нет рецепта дробовика. Рецепт короткого дробовика есть. Соответственно не могу собрать дробовик. Частей много для него. Случайно удалили? В военных сейфах слишком мало патронов 2-5, вы говорили исправите. Торговец продаёт по 20 бетонной смеси, имеет смысл от 200 и больше. There was a problem, there is no recipe of a shotgun. Recipe short of a shotgun is. Therefore can not collect the shotgun. Parts much for him. Accidentally deleted? In munitions box too many rounds 2-5, you said correct. Dealer sells 20 of the concrete mixture, it makes sense from 200 and more.
  20. Одежда перестала охлаждать. В кленовом лесу идёт снег, при температуре +25 градусов цельсия. Если одеть одежду на героя, то ему становиться жарко, поэтому бегаю голый. Находясь в зимнем биоме, вышел из игры. Загрузил сохранение и сразу замёрз. Окружающая температура резко упала с +5 до -15. Был одет в тёплую одежду. Добежал до кленового леса, но окружающая температура половину дня поднималась. В ванили мог балансировать с помощью шорт, майки и шляпы. С собой носил пуховик и при охлаждении одевал его. Теперь это не работает. Переводчик ломает смысл, не знаю поймёшь ли? Clothing stopped cooling. In the maple forest, it's snowing, at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. If you wear the clothes on the hero, then he becomes hot, so running around naked. Being in a winter biome, out of the game. Loaded a save and immediately frozen. The ambient temperature has plummeted from +5 to -15. He was dressed in warm clothes. Ran to maple forests, but the ambient temperature is half of the day was raised. In vanilla could balance with shorts, t-shirts and hats. A wore a jacket, and cooling to wear it. Now it's not working. The translator breaks the sense, do not know whether you will understand?
  21. Crater Creator you broke the temperature and clothing. Now everywhere is cold. Return the weather back and clothes. Which files are responsible for this? Replace the standard, because it is impossible to play.
  22. Crater Creator Now there is a reason to start a new game
  23. Crater-Creator I apologize, of course munitions box.
  24. Crater-Creator At the military base there with the safe open, it found 1 ammo for the shotgun. It's funny how something. This is how to open your refrigerator and discover 1 pea on the middle shelf. 29 concrete mix found in a box working tools store.
  25. Crater-Creator Fix the weather a good idea. Good mod, but there are deficiencies. To loot the number of items low. For example, two nails, one arrowhead, and four tokens... It would be good to increase the number of rounds in gun safes and cabinets, not less than 20. Found concrete mixture in amount of 29, why? You need at least 100, then it will be good. Will it be fixed?
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