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  1. And I'm selling everything
  2. JaxTeller718 I will not find how to do weapon parts. There is no recipe, no skill.
  3. The claim block does not affect spawning, only the sleeping bag. I do not have such a mistake, because I use a sleeping bag at my base.
  4. I noticed a similar after updating the mod. Nests, boxes, tables, cabinets are also being updated ... After the last update, the whole world was cleared, along with chests (stuffed loot) and different workbenches. Everything I built has evaporated. There was only one forge left. Even the sleeping bag was gone
  5. JaxTeller718 I found the dupe. If you put an object in your workbench, it can be taken in any found in the whole vestak. From my workbench the object will not disappear.
  6. JaxTeller718 Appeared was a mod that removes the red console. It is called "NoExceptionHijack - Prevent console spam from exceptions". Paste the code and return the wandering NPC back
  7. I warned, do not ask to cut the weapon and strengthen the zombies, but they did not listen to me. There is no common sense - suffer. Now zombies just walk on mines, they became useless.
  8. I saw it on sale from a trader. - - - Updated - - - Need a book and skill.
  9. unlike them I do not agree. The best mod is valmod. This generation of the world is amazing. The terrain is flat - this is a plus of this mod. Foolish mountains, in other modes, make nervous and eat up a lot of computer resources. In occasion of mines and strong monsters. And do not climb at night, stay at home! The first page warns that it is dangerous at night. Mina must kill, otherwise why she needs it. Do not ask to cut the bow and strengthen the usual zombies, this is not a hardcore mod. If it's easy for you, put the maximum difficulty settings, the duration of the day is 60 minutes and the zombie runs always. I agree with the cooking, it needs to be finalized.
  10. In the fashion there is no effective food. JaxTeller stubbornly does not want to edit cooking recipes. Some recipes must be found and read, and others should be opened with skillpoints. Of eggs, you can not do anything good, collect them and debug them until better times With the planting of vegetables the problem, due to the lack of seeds. The vegetables found will quickly end. Well, although there are no problems with animals :/ There is an unpleasant bug, you can eat only from the belt. At me, in a vanilla such problem is not present. Mod more designed for online. Playing with friends, you have to agree who will make a certain class.
  11. Patch 2.10 -Added Wellness in small amounts to vegetable recipes and teas -Forced Traps and Cooking to NOT level through crafting -Removed Dev Only from Elevator -Added anvil to Tailoring Station recipe -Added chance to find Sewing Kit to dressers -Added chance to find Butcher Knfe and Tenderizer to Cupboards -Removed Butcher Knife as craftable -Revised some Localization Descriptions and Quest Descriptions -Changed Snake Bite Buff and added Anti Venom you craft out of Venom Glands you get from harvesting Snakes. -Fixed Quest not taking certain items upon completion
  12. You need to pump in a primitive skill.
  13. JaxTeller718 Half of the cooked products do not add wellness. The other half is not available for a long time. For this reason, both tea became useless. It is necessary to remake the wellness of all products. Just correct the disappearance of cans after cooking and eating food. As for the lags in the recipe menu, there is a solution to this problem. In one of the mods, on this forum, some solution was used that removed the lags in the list of recipes, without using favorites. Ask the modellers who can and will remember.
  14. Even with the elected in menu lag.
  15. sphereii The installer interface is really not intuitive. I have not seen a single player who does not have problems using your launcher. Even I did not understand the first time how this works. It took me some time and experiments to sort it out. After installing the mod, it needs to be activated, this is not mentioned. Regular players only need one button << install mod >> and all Add a load scale to see how many percent have already loaded and how long it will take.
  16. JaxTeller718 Cell boxes in the moped outside the screen (one extreme right row).
  17. They give me 3 KP. You have an error somewhere. Other mod functions work? - - - Updated - - - This is a bug mod. A window for text outside the screen.
  18. The same is puzzled by this. If there is quality, then there must be a number of uses. The need for such expensive lockpick disappears. 10 iron, it is very expensive.
  19. It's a delusion! One person will not be able to catch all the errors. Only the crowd has a chance to quickly identify problems, because of the different styles of the game.
  20. JaxTeller718 All cooked food has the same wellness. What is the point of pumping the ability to cook, if complex dishes do not give a tangible increase? I think your UI is good and you do not need to change it.
  21. Yes, it was a horde. In the console is clearly visible spawn.
  22. JaxTeller718 Error in version Ravenhearst_SDX_SP_21_Day_Blood_Moons. The horde arrived on the 7th and 14th days, although it should not have been.
  23. I need that the console does not open by mistake.
  24. Who knows how to disable the opening console?
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