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  1. Claymore Please do for 17.1 (b9).
  2. manux you can remove the dipper in the HP4x4Truck?
  3. Mumpfy The test version works well. According to my observations, short stuttering occurs in all, regardless of whether there is a fashion or not. This is a problem of the game itself and spawn has nothing to do with it. Apparently there are calculations that eat off all the processor power. Added Redo the skin of the naked feral. He can be confused with bald and get in the ass
  4. manux Can you add a helicopter dropping bombs on zombies?
  5. Mumpfy Test build works much better, no error throws. Sometimes a little stuttering, but it is a problem of the game. Perhaps because of the spawn packs of zombies. Although, before exiting the game has been spawned boar and it was micro stuttering. The save of 'vehicle manager' exactly does not affect stuttering.
  6. May conflict with B9? 240 worked better. Noticed another oddity, the console showed the error of the headdress. I tried to generate the card twice, with no result. Very strong stuttering on the new version.
  7. The old file will not be bug fixes.
  8. Mumpfy After the last update, began to stutter. On the previous version it was possible to play. Had to remove the mod.
  9. For purifying tablets you need to find a recipe. Looting all the shelves and there will be a ton of sugar.
  10. Beat your fist on the bucket. The chance of mining is very low.
  11. I've already done a lot of fixes, I do not want to do it again after the update.
  12. Today I found a destroyed bunker in the forest, with a network of tunnels. It was interesting to examine the labyrinth
  13. I compared the files rwgmixer.xml By default, there was "RH Lesser Cities Mixer" with an almost empty world. I had to pull it out of the folder and slip it "RH Default Mixer". Now at least the cities appeared.
  14. Several times I talked about this, but the jack does not want to fix it.
  15. sinda You are wrong the default is RH Lesser Cities Mixer. Do not offer me casual, I'm a hardcore. I'm playing the standard 21 day version, with the reclaimed loot turned off and one life in warrior. How can I turn on the sound of the steps of the awakened zombie? The disorderly spawn of a zombie behind his back strains. Fashion is certainly good, but a lot of kinks, i have to correct some details. For example, for slicing bread or cheese, you do not need to know the recipe. Tea can be cooked on a conventional fire in a can...
  16. The default is a small generator. Today I will put the middle one and try it from the beginning. Jax said that they were working on a SP version.
  17. I liked the ability of the character to climb into one block, it helps a lot. But with the traders you screwed up, they disappeared. A significant drawback of the new generator in the absence of large settlements. On a huge map there is only one big city and two middle ones. The mod is designed for group passage with respawn loot, waiting for the SP version.
  18. JaxTeller718 In the quest, it is proposed to make Research Desk, but the description does not say that you need to pump skill Research to 10.
  19. Well, if the trafficker can not be killed, I can sleep peacefully Yesterday there was an unpleasant, crashed 20-day game, had to start from scratch. But there is a pleasant moment, started around a big city.
  20. Another stupid realization.
  21. I'm glad that there will be a version for a single player. All the same, after consuming dishes, there should be jars and plates. I noticed that there is no scavenging skill, why did you remove it? I like the new generation of the world. The cities are small and far apart. Good motivation for travel and research. You need to solve the problem with spawning zombies on the territory of the merchant, otherwise they eat it. And fix the dealer interface. Valmod is the best, but you have every chance of moving it
  22. Among other things, correct the eating of bowl and jars. Tired of fixing a bunch of lines after each patch.
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