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  1. I found various books: on the manufacture of cartridges, on the manufacture of weapons ... All of them were not read, only in scrap. Why spend a lot of time creating useless garbage when you could spend on more useful things? For example, to improve the spawn of a zambi or to refine quests.
  2. Found another bug. When shot at a cow from an bow, its texture changes. A cow with arrows in its head turns into a fallen tree. It looks scary. Is there an application for books or only scrap in paper?
  3. JaxTeller718 The game has a stupid spawn of zombies. They spawn around the player and very often, Within a radius of 10 blocks. This is unnerving. With spawn hordes animals, the same thing is bad. During the game day (60 minutes), a horde of soldiers spawned (about 30 pieces). Then the shabby bears spawned 3 times (2 each). At the same time, they do not give experience for the killings, and loot does not fall.Is this a survival game or shooter a death match? Correct it. I already spoke about the moronic construction system. Not only that, they introduced a step-by-step improvement of the blocks, but also stuck a bunch of the necessary tool. Anyone, who made the improvement of the blocks with a screwdriver needs to put it in the ass. I lost a real day trying to improve the metal block and if the person on the forum hadn’t suggested, I would have to go into files and edit. These stupid implementations coolly spoil the whole mod and repel many. Think at your leisure.
  4. The experience penalty appeared after 40 days. Today, the fine has disappeared and experience is displayed normally. Perhaps this is due to the location on which you are for a long time. I ran to a neighboring city and noticed a restoration of experience.
  5. Today I caught the same bug with a decrease in experience on all quests, even on already completed ones. Reported About This omniov The construction system is crap. The desire to build something disappears. What was the goal, to cram more unnecessary stuff, so that the game would begin to slow down?
  6. If you were dying, then a fine is imposed. Maybe he affects the experience in quests?
  7. Found a bug. It is not possible to improve the block and complete the quest "Upgrade to Iron" (stage 3/10). 1 Crafted 3 Iron Upgrade Kits (Scrap Iron) 2 Try Upgrade R Wood Metal Block, does not allow. Thus, I cannot improve the wood-iron block and finish the quest.
  8. omniov Can and rebar frame build.
  9. And what is FOSSIL (require a quest)? Where to look for him?
  10. I can’t grow vegetables. He spudded the earth, planted seeds, do not grow. After a few days, the sprouts disappear. Maybe you need to water, what and how?
  11. Glasses now do not give bonuses
  12. If only another player sees you and tells the admin.
  13. Found another bug. The installed torch in the bank is either shining or not. Made from leather and tin can. After a while, it stops shining, but if you leave the chunk and return, it will shine again, then it will go out again.
  14. I found in sealed drawers, searching houses and garages.
  15. You need to replace the original file with the downloaded one. The in game will be able to turn on / off any light sources.
  16. Found a bug. Running past the airdrop there is a pack of zombies (about 10). If you run several times, the spawn will be infinite.
  17. I do not understand how to open the cells of a backpack? I did not find the appropriate skill.
  18. Now it is better Lost the light of the rear lights, but it is not critical. Add acceleration by key SHIFT.
  19. Subquake Charging solar panels will be fixed?
  20. He barely crawls. 10 headlights, and shines weakly. Beautiful, very expensive, but useless toy.
  21. Use the mod willy jeep. The best SUV at the moment.
  22. What's in it to update, he is so good.
  23. Your willy jeep is gorgeous. I tested it and I liked it. The only headlights brighter to do.
  24. Motorcycle with horns just a rocket. Now jerk through the entire map, like two fingers ...
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