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  1. My verdict, an unsuccessful mod. The version for the A16 was better. I hope in the next version there will not be so many bugs and shortcomings. By the way, 16 Gb of memory is not enough for this mod, it fast clogs it and starts to stutter.

  2. With the latest updates, the skill of reducing the stamina when using tools has disappeared.

    The bug with overflow and zeroing hunger, thirst was not fixed.

    A bug with a decrease in experience if you hold an axe, pickaxe, shovel in your hands is not fixed.

  3. So... umm... going to make people think I'm a noob or what but here goes. Can anyone point me to what file I need to edit to lower the frequency of zeds? There's.. just... way... to many right now. Like seriously, took me almost 12 hours to walk a short distance from my base because they just kept popping out and coming after me. It really is no fun when you're one guy, trying to scavange but have to fend off 53 (yes, I counted) zeds in such a short distance.


    File spawning.xml

  4. Fireworks Mod


    Thanks to Chiko for sharing a video on the game Scum, I was given the idea to add a firework block. Does it serve a real practical purpose, some hot onions may ask? I dunno.


    I added some XML to make the heat level rise, but no clue if it works since F3 no longer shows chunk heat... <shrug>




    For some reason I remembered minecraft. Oh, there were times.

  5. Is there a trick to growing the desert trees, I can plant the seed but it doesn't grow. I tried putting some water next to it but it still did not grow. It wont let you plant it on dirt so I am not sure what is going on.

    He planted in ordinary clay, a few days later it grew.

  6. It's a pity this doesn't work with Ravenhearst. :( When I try to use it, I get a string of entity spawn errors until I lag out.

    Of course it won’t work. Ravenhearst made changes to the dll, without which the mod will not work.

  7. I have identified the problem of lowering experience. The reason for the drop in experience for quests is stone initial tools. It is enough to take a stone ax or a stone pickaxe in your hand, as soon as experience decreases.

  8. A critical bug. When loading the save, I found that all the skills reset to their original position. The magazine also reset to zero. 35 days lived in vain.

  9. Another bug. It is not possible to open all the backpack cells. Upon reaching level 10, 9 cells were not open. Further does not allow to read the recipe for cell expansion.

  10. for example, a stone ax or pickaxe, when you click on the button repair, the rumont is broken, still happening wish scrap iron

    If the quality is below 10, then it will break.

  11. mr.natural In A17, a memory leak was eliminated. At least I didn’t have such a problem with patch 17.4

    This is a mod problem, search and fix. Correct the negative experience for quests and resetting the thirst / hunger counter in modification RELXIX_UI_PlayerStats, when overeating.

  12. Another bvg with saturation indicators. If you eat or drink more than the limit, then the counter will reset and go to minus.

    Another problem is with the merchant. Due to the cut out ability to sell, the price of the final purchase disappeared. When buying a few pieces of goods, you can’t see how much you need to pay. It is very uncomfortable.

    When spawning a zombie, 1 second delay occurs. If the crowd spawns, the delay is 4-8 seconds. As already mentioned, spawn zambi is moronic and needs to be fixed.

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