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  1. I was also wondering about effect_group names. I've noticed that in vanilla, effect_group names usually match the name of the item, but some of the items in this mod have different names in effect_group, like <effect_group name="gunBanditMR10"> inside <item name="gunBanditHSniper_b"> etc. I don't know if it really matters, but it could potentially mislead you when working with those chunks of code.
  2. Confirmed. I can't edit your post either...
  3. @bdubyah, gunBanditMR10 could possibly cause similar problem. Update: Also, in entityclasses.xml, humanRaider4Rifle, humanRaider4Riflesleeper start with gunBanditMR10, BUT get 9mm ammo, the other raider with the same gun had 7.62mm ammo, which makes me believe that using 9mm ammo here is a bug.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I've noticed similar behavior, but I wasn't sure what exactly the problem was (87 mods installed, 87 potential culprits lol). Although, I'm not quite sure - is it only the AK47 that's having this issue, or maybe other weapons too? Because I saw some other NPCs with crossbow and bows that were taking their sweet time around the hordes of zombies and then just decided to fight them all with bare hands instead of their ranged weapon lol
  5. People complain about all kinds of things. Trust me, there are people who can tell you how much they hate tetris and why.
  6. If you want to enjoy the view, put everything on high. If you want to enjoy the game, put everything to low. lol
  7. Well, it is a very cool concept and perhaps it could become a foundation for a set of NPC helpers! I was thinking maybe Vincent could also gather other resources like iron, lead, coal, nitrate, etc. Also, it would be cool if we could pick him up and place elsewhere - I was surprised that it was not possible. I placed him right behind the base and now it seems like I won't be able to build in that area unless he dies, which I wouldn't really like either, since that would mean I will lose the coins I invested into him. Another idea that I had was a farmer based on Vincent
  8. @Telric, I finally tried Vincent yesterday and it's awesome! Do you have any plans for expanding the mod? If so, I would have couple of suggestions if you're open to suggestions, that is.
  9. ...said TFP and created 7 Days to Die...
  10. Troll mode enabled? Lol. I would probably laugh hard if that happened to me. I guess you guys had some fun that night with the increased wandering hordes AND bloodmoon hordes...
  11. Technically it should be possible. Realistically though, you would normally have to remove every single reference to that mod before removing it for proper transition. Now imagine removing hundreds of cars all across the map. I would just start a new world at that point lol
  12. If it's related to the following lines: <!-- A separate entry for this one, so if the Bambi mod isnt included this line will only generate a warning in the server logs --> <append xpath="/items/item[@name='Bambis Terminator Crossbow']/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Magazine_items']/@value">,Bolts of Everdeen</append> then as the comment implies, it will only generate a warning in the server log. If it's a yellow warning, it's not as bad as red errors could be. I guess you can ignore it for now and see if it has any real impact on the gameplay.
  13. @bdubyah, do you think we could get supermutants eventually too? That would be fun lol Someone was working on them for Alpha 18, but unfortunately, they were a part of the Creature Pack which had to be reworked for Alpha 19 and a lot of the Falloutish creatures didn't make it.
  14. I always like alternatives, but I wouldn't say it's unrealistic the way it is in vanilla game. There are traders all around the world who might be operating these vending machines. The idea was that you couldn't easily break them open either, because they would be protected with electric trap that's automatically activated when the machine is damaged. Sure, there are just a few traders in a relatively huge open world, but there are also other players and more NPCs coming to the game to fill the world. That should be enough to create an illusion that someone is actually still operating these ma
  15. It's probably because that quest didn't have an NPC who would give it to you in the first place. If you assign that quest to a trader, that ReturnToNPC should send the player back to the trader.
  16. This is a little bit confusing. If you want to send the player back to the trader he got the quest from, the game does it this way: <objective type="ReturnToNPC"> <property name="phase" value="4"/> <property name="nav_object" value="return_to_trader" /> </objective> <objective type="InteractWithNPC"> <property name="phase" value="4"/> <property name="nav_object" value="return_to_trader" /> </objective> obviously property phase would have to be adjusted accordingly with your quest, but yeah this should work.
  17. Some of the mods I'm using are not just small modlets, but little overhauls on their own that are carefully hand picked to ensure that they will not break each other. Some of them already alter some base settings of the game differently than Romero Mod does and that's one of the major problems with overhauls, they simply can't be used together, because they offer different gameplay, but you still might want to have some of their parts in your game, like the items I mentioned earlier. I'm also using Creature Pack as well as DMT NPC mod which requires Sphereii's Core. Your Romero comes with its
  18. Hey, any chance to get the parts of the overhaul as separate mods? I would like to be able to use things such as scrap tools and pipe guns separately in my custom mod list that may not be compatible with the overhaul such as Romero Mod.
  19. Link: Free City Park Environment Collection now available From GameFromScratch.com: If these free assets can be really used for commercial projects and if they can be used in other game engines as well, I guess they can also be used in free mods made in Unity too, but it'd be best to read terms of use first to be on the safe side. Either way, these are some awesome looking assets given away for free!
  20. You're welcome! If you need any help with testing, debugging, let me know. I've been working on some quests of my own, so I had to learn a thing or two specifically for quests. I also like your projects, so maybe we could team up and make something together eventually, if you'd like.
  21. You're welcome! I would say that bigger backpack is a must for this massive mod, because there are so many new items you will probably need one.
  22. LOL, good catch! When you open this listing, you will see two different branches: SoDead_FarmLifeExpanded SoDead_FarmLifeExpanded_w_bbm I may be wrong, but I guess that the latter includes the big backpack mod, however it was updated two months ago, whereas the former was updated just one month ago. If I may suggest, I would highly recommend to install the one without big backpack and then install an external big backpack mod such as Deep Pockets mod, so that you will get the latest features of Farm Life Expanded while keeping the big backpack feature as well (if you're in
  23. Sounds interesting, if you released this for A18, it's definitely something I've never seen, which is weird as I'm always searching in several different sources for mods and I always thought I've seen them all lol
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