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  1. Pretty gates. A thing like that should have been in a base game.
  2. Out of all of their products, they chose Fuse as the one to put on Steam. Why not Photoshop? Lol
  3. In your previous post, you made it sound like TFP never listened to the players at all and always strictly followed their own vision regardless of what players think and that's simply not true, because they made couple of polls in the past and what a different purpose would these polls have if it wasn't to get some feedback from the players regarding some planned changes, basically to figure out which way would be the most accepted middle ground for everyone? If you cannot recall any polls where the players feedback actually mattered, I can give you an example. They did one when there was a hu
  4. @Tehnomaag, well it looks like it could use couple of small adjustments here and there to address the changes in Alpha 19, but even as it is right now, it SHOULD actually work in limited situations. Particularly with trader Joel and vending machines found in the world. If you're not sure how to write a more sophisticated xpath, just make extra copies of all the lines that contain @id='1' for all of the other traders in game and adjust the ids in those extra lines for each trader. To make it easier for you, here are the current ids of the traders: Joel: 1 Bob:
  5. You know Blake_, I don't blame you for not really liking the current system, I mean it's not an ideal one by any stretch, but it's as good as it can get at the moment, with the current framework. It's not written into the stone, it will surely change over time, but we should not settle for some unnecessary cosmetic changes if there's a promise of some better system in the future. After all madmole once mentioned that this will be a temporary one before they can come up with something better and perhaps something more immersive and who knows? Maybe the issues you have with the current system wi
  6. Ok, so you're saying that TFP never really listented to the feedback (and never really made a single poll here in the forums either and I never really participated in the said polls) and so their decision to remove LBD mechanic was not affected by any part of the player base who thoroughly cried (I'm sorry, discussed) the matter here in the forum to no end saying how much they hate it when they see some other players stay at their base spending their precious time and resources on spam crafting just to level up. Ok, also an opinion, but it seems like we will have to agree to disagr
  7. For a moment there, I thought you decided to not play a devil's advocate for once... 😑 We all know why was LBD removed. It was for the crybabies, I just didn't feel like elaborating on that part. Players didn't like it that some OTHER players enjoyed spending their precious time and resources on leveling up, so they wanted to "FIX" it for them by crying out loud and complaining to developers about the whole Learn By Doing mechanic and how bad and unfair and wrong and whatever it is and yet no one really took into consideration that it was ultimately an alternative way of doing thin
  8. What are you talking about? Roland never replied to this thread, are you seeing things?
  9. Umm, I mean you can hire them with coins (DMT NPC mod), but to each their own I guess LOL
  10. Just because they're dead doesn't mean the blood suddenly vaporized out of their body. Just because you see their blood squirt out of their body when you stab them doesn't mean the blood loss is what ultimately sends them to hell. Haven't you watched the Walking Dead series? It's the brain you have to hit to really make sure they will stay dead. Ultimately though, zombies are fictional characters and in each universe where zombies are possible, their weaknesses may be different. In 7 Days to Die they just happen to be smart, but at the same time they are easier to kill than just having to hit
  11. I think we have a new contributor to one of the best mods! 😈 Yay!
  12. Soooo, we should probably ban exploring the POIs entirely to prevent the players from learning how to clear them before they do the quests, riiiiiiigggghhhhhhttttt..... Then again, building is boring, so logically we should ban it and only allow the players to take over existing POIs. Naturally, to avoid issues with the quest POIs, we should only allow players to take over non-quest POIs. Is it limiting their base options? Who cares, right? We killed the boredom, or did we introduce even bigger boredom while trying to kill it? Oh well... You got me. This is how I win contests e
  13. Well, many things are boring or don't really match my play style, but I'm not requesting their removal, because I respect that some other players may find them fun and removing them might not really change anything for better, only decrease the amount of free choices, making the game painfully linear even more. It's a logic like this that ultimately convinced the developers to remove Learn By Doing mechanic from the game - "Because I don't like that"...
  14. So you're ok with it if I cleared it before by chance, but not if I clear it before activating the quest? But there's no difference besides really just the time at which I choose to clear the POI, not to mention it really takes me double the time it would normally take me to clear the POI just once during the quest, so there's no such thing as "getting twice the reward for little the effort", because in reality it is double the effort = double the reward. It doesn't feel like an exploit to me, it feels like it's only fair. If you work twice as hard, your reward should be twice as big. You obvi
  15. I won't lie. I was hoping you would update them yourself, because updates from the original author are irreplaceable and being told it just won't happen feels like being told "Sorry son, you're adopted."
  16. So if I understood this "problem" correctly, you guys seem to have an issue with this so called "exploit" which works like this: You go to a POI for a quest and before activating the quest, you run through the POI, clear it and loot it, activate the quest and do the same thing again. Question: What's the actual exploit here? What's the unintentional feature here that gives me an edge over the other players? What's the advantage that allows me to gain something that I would normally have to work for much harder otherwise? More importantly, when it comes to gaining something out of d
  17. I'm always interested in mods that add interesting new and innovative features to the game!
  18. I guess you would have to inform developers directly. I mean, you could probably click the report post link on your post, but that would inform moderators about it and I'm pretty sure that moderators already saw this thread as they moved it from its original location here and since the problem persists, we can safely assume that moderators alone can't really do anything about it, so you will probably have to inform developers.
  19. I can imagine, small guns won't just cut it. We need supermutants with their big clumsy hands shooting some big guns too lol Some random funny quotes would be cool too!
  20. I can edit mine above yours as well. Perhaps it's bugged in Mods section only.
  21. I just had a similar situation in bdubyah's thread. I was trying to update my post where I informed him about the issues that I found in his mod and suddenly it was impossible to edit and then I refreshed the page and noticed that he replied. Perhaps we can only edit our posts until someone replies. We can test it. I just replied, so it shouldn't let you edit your post again. Try to edit it.
  22. You know, I think I'll come back later, you guys have some fun...
  23. How about invisible buffs on the player - owner of the NPC, that would re-buff the NPC once you go to him again? It wouldn't solve "do something while I'm gone" issue, but it would probably solve the problem that the NPC loses the buffs while you're gone? And perhaps the same trick could be used to re-calculate the status of the job you gave your NPC, like while you're gone, you have a buff which remembers that you gave a task to your NPC, time is ticking (perhaps with help of cvars) and when you go back to your NPC, it will check whether or not he worked on the job long enough (ch
  24. Also the information that they refused to use your weapons is little bit disturbing. I would definitely like to see some raiders to run around with pipe guns, laser and plasma guns or even fatboy etc. lol But admittedly, the funniest thing would be to meet a supermutant with the fatboy. I wish we could have some random encounters, like fights between supermutants and raiders lol
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