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  1. Thanks, I will try. I knew there must be some convenient way of doing this!
  2. So how do I use it? Does it need to be copied to every mod folder or it's just added once to the set of installed mods?
  3. All you need to do is just stack them up then. If you stack up just 6 development sessions in a row, each 10 minutes long, we're already talking about a full hour, that's not bad.
  4. But I think he's making some good progress even if it doesn't look that way in the video I uploaded. Something is telling me that he knows what he's doing and that makes me feel confident that he will eventually figure this out and release the best version of this mod for all of us to enjoy! I believe in you, you can do this. Also, is there anything we can do to bring their health back up? I guess the side effects of Patch_Entity will be temporary until you can figure out some other solution. I saw their health with Patch_Entity disabled. They get killed in couple of seconds. I kin
  5. Hungry and thirsty? For testing purposes I just give them 500 jars of murky water which in previous version they liked a lot and 100 pieces of corn bread. In this version however, they haven't even touched it.
  6. As you can see, he keeps following even if I give him different orders, the only exception is when he gets attacked, he just stands there and lets them beat him like if he had some kind of sadistic thrill from causing pain to himself. Oh and in my previous test, the NPC randomly stopped following me for a while and then continued following me. It is kinda buggy, not sure what else triggers them to stop following besides what's shown in the video, but it happens sometimes. I know there's probably a reason for that, but I haven't figured out what could it be.
  7. What kind of mod and where do I get it? Is it this SphereII Mod Localization Hook? That makes sense now why it exists lol thanks.
  8. Yes, I was surprised too. While it solves two issues - NRE when BanditArcher is killed by a zombie and that "InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type", it also breaks bleeding for players and maybe other entities in the world too. Not sure, that's for you modders to figure out. EDIT: Right now I'm uploading a video that shows the current situation with the following mods installed and enabled: EDIT #2: Here's the video that I promised. [video=youtube_share;CftnllfOdko]
  9. I think I have uncovered the mystery of NPC's magical healing! Effects of Patch_Entity dependency: Patch_Entity enabled: Player's character: When hit and bleeding heart icon shows up, actual bleeding effect doesn't work and the player never bleeds out. NPCs: Patch_Entity seems to have a healing effect on NPCs. They are not immortal, but their health seems to go lower much slower when they get hit and their health goes back up. They can be killed, but due to the healing effect granted by Patch_Entity, it takes much longer for them to actually die with Patch_Entity enabled. Patch
  10. Update (prepare for a mess): I can't believe I didn't notice that yesterday, I was probably too excited to see that NPC is actually following me and staying with me after restart. Anyway, they do seem to follow, but sometimes they just stop following for no apparent reason and what's even weirder is that they don't fight back now or rarely. So far I tried NPCNurse, NPCBaker and NPCAmmo and only NPCAmmo attacked a zombie with his weapon after that zombie attacked me, but he also just stood there ignoring that zombie for the most part. NPCs now don't seem to proactively look for targets to kill
  11. I'm not sure if it was the update that helped, maybe I should have mentioned that I also installed Bloom's Animal Husbandry which had SDX_SpawnFromEntityGroup as dependency. I know Bloom's Animal Husbandry was dependency for NPCs before and now it's supposed to work without that, but perhaps NPCs still depend on it somehow or maybe it depends on SDX_SpawnFromEntityGroup? Well, I don't know but it just works now. I haven't tried this latest update without these two mods yet to see if they helped to solve those issues. As for the health of NPC, yes, I was close to him and he was in that state
  12. I just realized that some mods provide those localization text files which don't really affect the game until manually added to the original localization text files of the base game! And I was wondering why I have to read incomprehensive gibberish tongue-breaking walls of text in my modded games! What a bummer - Modders can affect the content of the game without messing up the original files, but they can't do the same with localization text files? How are we non-modders supposed to even know that we are supposed to manually add each and every text file into the original one and most important
  13. Sphereii !!! This seems to be the best update so far! Hired Mickey D The NPCBaker that was spawned a while ago, he follows me without any issue! Great! So that one bug there seems to be gone! I closed the game and then loaded it again. Mickey was still there with me! YAY!!! I opened his inventory and gave him 132 jars of murky water and 13 jars of clean water. Closed the game again and then loaded back into the game. Mickey was still there and his inventory had all the jars of water I gave him (except one jar of murky water which I guess he already used). So, the good news is that NPCs now see
  14. I see no update in Mod launcher yet, I will keep checking. By the way, I tried the version that you uploaded earlier today and I haven't seen any NPCs in the world so far, but apparently the values that affect chances of NPC to spawn didn't change since the previous version in which I met plenty of NPCs in the world. I hope this is not another hidden bug. EDIT: Spoke too quickly. I refreshed the list of mods in Mod Launcher, saw the aforementioned update (saw only new version of SDX_EntityAlive, not sure if there's more to update) and I installed the update and started a new game and I
  15. Hello manux, please do me a favor. Look into this circle for 10 seconds, no reason just do that... If you look into spoiler after that, you will have a week full of happiness!
  16. Thank you very much for working on this! I will try asap!
  17. Well, there was a small explosion involved during the horde night, but I swear it was an accident! Thanks for looking into that!
  18. I'm also hiring one NPC at a time, NPCs are still disappearing though. Lol and you remember me! Yes, I do hope you will share with us! I think that little creature that accompanied you there doesn't quite fit the theme, but it was still funny, I like it! As for regeneration of health, it is quite disturbing indeed, I would like to know if we can heal them or let them heal somehow over time. Anyway! I found something suspicious, might be a bug, sometimes when I unintentionally hit my companion, they start attacking me. I do believe that they are supposed to forgive that, but I mi
  19. Maybe it's a similar problem like we had with minibikes in previous Alphas? But then again, in one of the previous versions of the mod, this wasn't an issue, I remember that I was able to quit the game and when I loaded it again, my NPC companion was there with me. Maybe it would help to know which version it was, but unfortunately I don't remember that exact version.
  20. It could be optional or it could come as a separate mod. Even if it was a separate mod, I would definitely throw it into the pack for my personal gameplay. As for the update itself, I'm looking forward to it and will test as soon as possible. Is this update supposed to fix any of the two issues I mentioned the other day - NPCs not following and disappearence of NPC after restart?
  21. Suggestion: If possible, please add NPC companion mark on the player's compass so that when we lose sight of our companions, we can locate them quickly without looking on the map.
  22. If detection is an issue, how about letting user manually place the mark so that Nitrogen would know where to put the bridge? Would that make it easier to start? Also, I mentioned that thread because the bridge the OP showed in the screenshots looked like they could be repeated to make the actual bridge longer if needed and they do seem to have pillars for better stability, so making them longer shouldn't be an issue.
  23. Hey, have you seen this? If I understood correctly, the goal of the OP was to fix the bridges in Navezgane to achieve better stability. Maybe you could use his custom bridges to enhance the maps generated by your Nitrogen tool?
  24. Thank you for letting me know. I passed that message to Sphereii now.
  25. Hey Xyth, I sent you a private message with my latest observations that will hopefully help you to fix some issues with this mod. I would post here, but I was afraid it would get lost.
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