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  1. It's 10 quests to a new tier. By the time I finish the first 7 quests, I'm usually too tired to go on and have to get some rest.
  2. I've been playing for couple of real life days now and I still haven't reached Tier 2. How do you even rush through the list that high so fast?
  3. It's not a bug, it's a feature that makes the whole game even scarier.
  4. So trader Rekt will be the farm guy? Who would have guessed? I don't know why, but I always thought this grumpy old man will be selling some mechanical parts for vehicles and such lol
  5. Can't see how this would work in base game, but man you have some good idea there that could perhaps work well as a feature in a mod involving friendly NPCs!
  6. Well, honestly I have no idea what are their plans on future quest features, but at the moment it feels so bare bones that I would take anything new I can get.
  7. Cool, it's ok, yeah I was just wondering if they are still in the world, simply for immersion purposes. I mean, we already had all kinds of animals, so we might as well have some horses too. Now as for getting a horse, I was always a fan of the idea of getting it through quest. I simply love quests, can't help it and you're very good at delivering, so thank you very much! 💗
  8. Yee-haw partner! Congrats on version 2.0! I will install it right away. I knew I will be saved from the day 7 horde on my current save tonight! But quick question though, the horses still spawn randomly in the world, right?
  9. I believe NPCs are invincible by default already, so there would be no change for them. As for the horde night concern, assuming you're talking about the possible intention of players to use that poor NPC guy as a decoy for zombies, that could be easily fixed simply by excluding him from the zombie's target list. Then again, that alone would be pretty immersion breaking too...
  10. @xyth, if I read it correctly, it says FieldAccessException: Field 'EAIApproachAndAttackTarget:entityTarget' is inaccessible from method 'EAIApproachAndAttackSDX:CanExecute ()' all over the console.
  11. I knew it that the head on this costume reminded me of something, but I couldn't really put my finger on what it was, but now I think I finally figured it out! THIS:
  12. Eh, pesky cvars, I was never able to figure them out and make them work, so I stopped trying.
  13. If there was such thing as "double resetting the POI", that could be considered an exploit, but there's no such thing. Would you please elaborate? Or was it just that you wouldn't find it boring soon? Well, I assumed that your problem with exclamation marks is partially that it's not as immersive as it could be, plus it's repetitive. Maybe I didn't catch the meaning correctly, but you didn't really explain why exactly it is that you don't like exclamation marks beyond the simple fact that with the current system you see the POI reset which breaks immersion.
  14. Just... just what have you done... lol
  15. I'm pretty sure, she didn't wait. That ship has sailed...
  16. Umm, are you also hearing things now? lol, otherwise I have to give you a shrug. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. I wish it was more immersive than it is, but I'm pretty sure it won't be that easy, so a better solution than what we have right now won't come any time soon. Talking to an NPC near the POI to start the quest would probably be a very cool way, but if it was the only way the quests would start, it would soon become boring just as much as it can be with the exclamation marks.
  18. So if someone spends double the time going through the same POI twice, you consider that wrong and want devs to prevent that from happening, but at the same time, you wouldn't hesitate to take over the POI that could be used for quests by other players... It seems like your motives are anything but balanced and fair gameplay.
  19. You see this as an issue because you care about the possible negative consequences of such design, but there will always be others who just think their idea for a "fix" is the best one and don't care about how much more issues it would bring as long as it fixes the one issue they saw.
  20. You know, I would actually like to see that happen at least for a week, just to see you guys run back and forth to reset the quest, just to have it failed before you get there. Sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh, but this whole "fix" is rather absurd and it's ridiculous how much you guys seem to insist on how good it is when it's really not...
  21. You forgot those other players who will come here to complain about those sitting there for three days with Q1 stone axes getting advantage over them, you know more loot, more wasted time, not to mention how much iron/stone will they gather by smashing that 80000 HP block with that tiny Q1 stone axe for three days straight, that's surely a reason for Q1 stone axe nerfing! Really? And what if someone starts looting the said POI before you get there to do the quest? LOL
  22. Right, so TFP should make it so that there will be absolutely no POIs in the world by defaut and each and every quest POI will suddenly spawn out of nowhere at random position in the world and only stay there while the quest tied to it is active, so that the players could never prepare for what's coming... That would surely address Blake's concern about boredom, or would it...
  23. Lol, oh well you know, weird stuff is nice and all, but it's a survival game, you can only go so far until it gets funny instead of scary lol
  24. Xyth, I've been playing the latest Alpha 8.8, and I know this sounds crazy, but for some reason the Creature Packs and DMT mods do not work properly... LOL... 😈
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