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  1. I understand that guard command may not be appropriate for all types of NPCs, but stay? No stay means they will always follow you. You can't prevent them from being eaten by cannibal Joel, you can't leave them at the base while you drive to pick up some loot and let's be honest, this is annoying because they can't keep up with a vehicle and they get lost fighting zombies very often, so they won't really follow you that far and you always have to go back and try to find them if you don't want to lose them. Right now, it's not convenient to take them on missions that are far away. I would love t
  2. Is this intended?
  3. Guppy, I installed this mod. The description in Mod Launcher says "What? You can't pick up those flashlights and lanterns? Why the hell not!?? Oh wait, now you can." but you can't really do that, can you? I thought I ran into some conflict between different mods I have installed, because I was unable to actually pick the lights. Turns out you can craft them, but still not pick them up. Do you think you could make them pickable one day? I would love that!
  4. I remember modders had to fix companions in Skyrim for the same reason. One mod added a dialogue option to tell the companions to move. Some other mod solved this in such way that NPC stepped away from you automatically when you pushed against him for a while.
  5. But then I respawn.
  6. Um, sure Mickey didn't die, but I did! This is mutiny! You should tell them to be nicer to their leaders! No friendly fire, no killing their leader, because trader Joel is still pretty hungry!
  7. Houston, we have a problem! [video=youtube_share;8N_Hon2LCSs] Now we know for sure that you could play 7 days to die with NPC, but you can't play hide and seek with them! How about a dialogue option: "Move back a little bit, or I'll take you to cannib.. trader Joel"
  8. Um, I'm not sure. Perhaps you could take a look at the version numbers on the screenshot and see which ones need to be updated? I think only 2 mods were updated, but not sure which ones. EDIT: I manually updated all the mods you mentioned and tried again. It looks like it works now. Weird, because the version numbers didn't even change lol Ok, so the basic functionality of working with the NPCs seems to be working correctly in this version. Only thing I'm not quite sure about is the command "Wander around here". When I click this command, he stays on his place and doesn't move at all.
  9. Inventory seems to work normally, but they still ignore commands. Also, I explored very large area of Navezgane on foot as well as motorcycle and I haven't seen a single NPC in the world. When I wanted to test it, I had to spawn one manually. Did something happen to automatic spawning?
  10. Does this mean that there will be different types of NPCs, each one for different purpose? I think it would be nice if modders could have NPCs that are involved in certain hard-coded quests in which case they might want the NPCs to act strictly according to the quest, without a chance for players to control them. However, there should also be NPCs that you can freely control through various commands in dialogue, basically what we have now, for more flexibility for both mod creators and players. For clarification: It's really easy to reproduce the bug with vehicles: Spawn 4x4 truck and
  11. Here's the reference video I promised: [video=youtube_share;OLg2tehC_JA]
  12. Last update - my observations so far (uploading reference video, takes forever (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻): Shown in the video: - Sometimes your hired NPCs get lost fighting zombies. - NPCs now follow all the time, no way to give them any different command. The only difference seems to be their movement animation: Follow me - walk animation (video 1:35) Stay here - run animation (video 1:53) Guard here - run animation (video 2:25) Wander around here - run animation (video 2:37) Follow me for your patrol route - walk animation (video 2:51) Patrol your route - run animation (video 3:18) - NPCs are
  13. Thank you again, this time the update showed up correctly and I will try it now.
  14. Thank you, but I don't see the update. I refreshed the list just to be sure, right clicked both mods and clicked Update to force redownload, but the content seems to be the same.
  15. Well, I did have other mods installed, even the whole HDHQ pack, UMA zombies and basically everything I could find to enhance the gameplay, but honestly it is hard to believe there would be some conflict with those mods, individually they don't seem to change too much. Apparently, NPC code itself could use some fixing and Sphereii keeps releasing new updates which I keep testing eagerly every time he releases them, so we will see how it goes if I test this latest update released couple of hours ago with only wandering traders and bandits. If this rare problem occurs again, at least we will
  16. Well, that's unfortunate. If you think testing would be easier if I was using some other tools, just let me know. I have a real interest in this mod, I want it to be perfect because along with wandering traders and bandits, this mod is easily the best addition to the game, at least for me.
  17. The log didn't finish with saving and quitting because I was still in the game when I manually opened the log file and saved its content to a new file and uploaded it for you. But in game console, it stopped after killing her. It took couple of seconds to take effect, but I thought maybe there's a delay since they don't despawn immediately when they die.
  18. I tried NPCNurse, NPCAmmo and this one, in all cases I was unable to hire them. I didn't try NPCBaker and NPCFarmer, but I thought if it happened with most of them, NPCBaker and NPCFarmer would be the same. As for the files, I don't know what to tell you. As always, I made a clean copy of the base game and downloaded all the mods I listed earlier. I didn't copy anything from my previous tests that could interfere with the current version of the files. The whole process was done through Mod Launcher. I browsed through the files and saw a new directory called Harmony, located in the SDX_Entit
  19. Tested with the following mods installed: No message for hiring (there was a message before which said how much it costs to hire the NPC), when I click Accept, dialogue box closes but the NPC is still not hired and no tokens are taken.
  20. Thank you! I will try as soon as possible!
  21. But the spam of NRE stopped when I killed BanditEve - Entity 422
  22. Could it have something to do with SphereII Mod Localization Hook? Sphereii mentioned that this mod changes mods into SDX versions so that it can attach localizations to the original files. I installed this mod because I have quite a few mods that contain localizations, so I wanted to automate the process of adding those localizations into the main file. But I was getting NRE even before, it's a rare one. It happened at least twice during my testing time and I'm not sure how to reproduce it, but in both cases I was in the trader area when it happened and those bandits were somewhere outside, n
  23. Another NRE. Log here. Console spam: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object It stopped showing when I sent command "kill 422" to kill BanditEve that was nearby.
  24. When can we expect those mods? I've been checking your thread every day lol
  25. Hmm, but they do seem to heal slightly better with Patch_Entity enabled. Is it because it stops them from bleeding out? Well it does stop the bleed out on the player's character too, so the only damage is from the hits themselves, which makes the health go down considerably slower.
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