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  1. I've been doing the quests at the farm as well as some other quests from @ShoudenKalferas and I just realized that 1 week in game passed and I didn't really feel the need to rush through the game to beat the stone age. I'm still getting crappy things when I do some looting, but I don't care that much, because I'm more focused on these lovely and relaxing quests and overall I'm having fun.
  2. Water overhaul will most likely consume the whole development time they have until the next Alpha release, I wouldn't expect any major changes besides that.
  3. With Christmas being around the corner, news like this kinda reminds me of Home Alone movie and its Wet Bandits. Well, minus "bandits"...
  4. You know, lootcontainers are like a cancer in modding. You will bump up your ids to prevent conflicts with one thing, they will conflict with something else.
  5. Good job! Yeah, now I remember it was also one of War3zuk's mods in my case back in Alpha 18 when I ran into the same compatibility issue. I managed to solve it back then. Sometimes it's as easy as simply grabbing an alternative mod to replace the conflicting one, sometimes you have to tweak it and very often you have to get rid of it completely if it's preventing a better mod from working properly and can't be fixed easily...
  6. Hey, don't forget to also grab some water vehicle mods like Working Boats Modlet V4, The TFP Raft Modlet or even Bathtub Boat Modlet (rubber duck included!) from @Ragsy 2145 for even better fishing experience! You will find them all here.
  7. You might have some compatibility issues with other mods. This happened to me in Alpha 18 and if I remember correctly, it was a compatibility issue with a different mod in my case. Try this mod alone first and if it works properly, then add the rest of the mods from your mod list one by one to find out which one is conflicting.
  8. Hello everyone, I was using this mod (as well as many other mods from this author) in Alpha 18. I was waiting for an official update and I still hope there will be an official one! As impatient as I am, I couldn't help it but create an UNOFFICIAL update for this cool mod which brings it to Alpha 19.2. Please note that all credits goes to the original author!!! I simply made it compatible with Alpha 19.2 for those people like me who would like to go fishing in Alpha 19.2 with this cool mod. Now we can! This updated version of the mod is based on the original one from Alp
  9. @Sergant1000, do you plan to add some human NPCs and quests?
  10. Are you actually running WalkerSim DMT mod from @ZehMatt? If you do and no entities are spawning, it probably means you installed the mod wrong. You need to install it either with Mod Launcher or using DMT directly. Simply putting the mod into the Mods folder won't do the trick, because WalkerSim works with an extra piece of code which must be first added to the game for the mod to work properly. I suggest you to refer to his thread for more support on that. Once you get that mod working properly when it's installed alone, only then you can try to add Creature Pack mod with the compatibility p
  11. @ShoudenKalferas, take your time, localization files may look easy to do, but they contain couple of traps you need to be careful about.
  12. @Telric, I had an idea. I know both horses and Vincent mods are pretty complex already, but I was thinking if it would be worth trying to merge them into one. You clearly have Vincent in the farm, so maybe you could just find him on the farm and hire him from there to work for you, like getting stone, wood, iron, farming, etc.? That would be pretty cool. It would actually feel like the game is getting somewhere with the quests lol
  13. Well, I haven't visited the farm yet, just moved in you know. 😀
  14. @Telric, also it's probably worth noting that I also noticed that screamers were spawning around the farm. Not sure why, but I placed a land claim inside the POI across the street, just to become their neighbour and have easier access to them and bam, soon enough first two screamers showed up at my doorstep. Well, actually there was a big ass hole in the wall, so they didn't really need to knock at the door first... Anyway! The space covered by land claim borders covered a part of the farm POI, so maybe that could be a hint of what happened there. If that's not it, then I would guess the farm
  15. It worked for me, but that was probably before the last update to the original version of the mod? If you need the files where it does work, let me know, I should still have them somewhere on my hdd. Or was it something that was changed in vanilla game? Honestly, I don't know. I haven't tried the original mod in A19.2.
  16. Your xpath syntax is wrong. Did you carefully read through Sphereii's xpath guide? You know, commands may look a bit differently, but xpath itself is always formed in the same way (depending on what you're trying to refer to). It's like an address you're trying to reach. You're basically telling the game where to look to make those changes for you. I could write a correct xpath for you, but you would like to learn how to write one correctly without help, right? Try this And this:
  17. I wanted to make quests, but I was discouraged by the limitations of vanilla features.
  18. Can't help it. Time to upgrade the engine in your avatar to a higher quality.
  19. I haven't played yet, should I wait for the fix before starting a new world?
  20. Hmm, recently I had to generate couple of different worlds until it generated one that would give me all the extra POIs I wanted to be included, so I don't know. Perhaps I got her head in one of the previous saves and I simply overlooked it in the inventory. At this point I'm not quite sure and can't check either, because I have a habit of always deleting old saves.
  21. Did you update the mod at some point in time? Maybe I had an older version of it?
  22. Yeah, I've been skinning them, mostly with bone shivs so far, but recently I got a machete, but then I couldn't find any of the queens. One was near my base, but I was too busy at that time and by the time I got there, she was already gone. I suspect that strange black horse that passed by had to warn her and tell her all about my evil master plan.
  23. Oh right, why didn't I think of her? I got couple of her sisters already, but none of them ever gave me their heads. Wait, that sounded wrong, didn't it? 🤔 But you know what I mean. Anyway, thanks for letting me know, I will have to go hunt them now!😛
  24. @Sirillion, is this mod still working in latest Alpha 19? Does it work with vanilla 10 slot toolbelt?
  25. Oh! Speaking of hearts, Telric, I almost forgot, I wanted to ask you where do we get that queen's head for the mask?
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