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  1. Hmm, interesting. Could you show me the code of this peculiar crossbow? Also in which situations exactly would you expect to see a higher quality than level 1, but not getting it?
  2. foodCornBread would be lost / used. If you're wondering whether it would give you the empty jar or not, the answer is no, it wouldn't.
  3. Yeah, well when I think about the loot, it got a little bit better than it was in the first iteration of A19, but it's not as OP as it used to be in Alphas before. I mean, sure you could get super Q6 weapons by the end of the week or two, but what then? Would you still feel motivated to keep playing? This stone age feels a bit more balanced now than it was, so I'm getting used to it and not really complaining. Still a real gun early, even if it's Q1 certainly doesn't hurt.
  4. Noisy Pants, I feel like we've been here before. I thought you already learned how to do this localization thing right back when you worked on your electric eel trap mod. Telric was right - spaces are allowed in text inside localization.txt, but not in the item names inside xml and localization.txt. That's a big NO NO.
  5. You're welcome. Come back if something doesn't work as expected. I was recently working on a revolver as a quest reward. It's a customized revolver with pre-attached mods. It's a real fun to work with weapons, but it also gives you a lot of new stuff to learn that might be useful later in bigger projects, especially knowing how to set up the properties of the weapon. Fun fact, you were trying to make a crossbow that would have higher than Q1 and I was trying to code this revolver to always be Q1 - to balance the item, because you would get it early in the game and stick with it for a while sin
  6. Is it a new model of a crossbow? If so, perhaps you could simply copy the current vanilla crossbow code and just replace its model with the old one you wanted? Well, that would most likely be the easiest and fastest solution. You know, using the original code may not be a good idea anyway, because a lot of stuff has changed since then.
  7. Learning how to write your own xpath, so that you will be able to write your own in your future projects without needing anyone's help is not the same as just skipping the learning process entirely and asking people to write the actual code for you which now seems to be what you're looking for. While in both cases you would be in the right place here, I was under impression that you're looking for help with the former - learning how to write your own xpath by yourself. I offered you a solution to your modding problem in my long posts, I even gave you an example of xpath in order to
  8. This is what happens when two different people are trying to fix one mod separately from each other. You end up with two different versions and both of them come with their own issues lol To make it even more hilarious, everyone will blame author Y for the mod number 2, when in reality they are having issues with the mod number 1 from the author X. You guys invented a modding satire. 🤣
  9. I'm sorry if what I wrote sounded harsh, but the way you wrote your post, it sounded like you're looking for a general guidance that would help you learn how to work with xpath and so that was the way I tried to help you. By learning by example, I literally meant learning by creating this mod. If someone wrote the actual code for you, where would be the challenge? You need to plan this in advance if you want to succeed, so write that list of actions, like a step by step process and try to figure out the correct command and correct xpath for each step. Don't proceed to the next step
  10. Hey. Since you're a beginner, I will give you some head massage with the theory... First of all, what you're trying to achieve here is NOT an EASY task for beginners and the broken xpath in your example makes me feel like you will first need to learn how to use xpath commands properly. It's best if you can learn by example, so learning it by trying to write your own mod with it is a good way of doing it, just don't expect it will be simple, because you're trying to bite off a big chunk here lol... Every time you're planning to make some changes to the files
  11. You're working with recipes. You have to visualize what happens in game when you're crafting anything that was defined by a recipe. You find it in the list of craftable items, select it and if you have enough ingredients, you can craft that item. You can also craft more than 1 item of the same type if you have enough materials in your inventory, but the game will never let you select more than one different items to craft at the same time using the same recipe. That should give you a hint of how exactly the recipes work and why and so there is also your answer - you can't do that, because the
  12. There is objective type="ZombieKill" AND objective type="AnimalKill". Perhaps you could try the latter for animalAnaconda.
  13. @Robeloto, you can also do something like this: <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieArlene,zombieDarlene,zombieMarlene,zombieNurse,zombieBoe,zombieJoe,zombieMoe,zombieYo" value="6" phase="3"/> This will spawn 6 (value="6") randomly picked zombies from the list (inside id="*") at phase of the quest with number 3 (phase="3"). EDIT: Oh, I just noticed your question was about objectives rather than actions lol, I'm sorry. Anyway, I haven't tried, but perhaps multiple values in one id would work here as well. That would probably save you some phases and the code would
  14. One version has bugged weapons, but adds the weapons into loot tables and includes the original loot box addon. Other version of the mod has the fixed version of weapons, but doesn't add any of them into the loot tables, neither does it include the loot box addon. The original is still unmatched...
  15. Apparently you didn't read the advices I wrote in the OP. Commas between the individual entries are there for a reason! Please refer to the line in vanilla Localization.txt starting with perkLightArmorRank1LongDesc and compare it to your own. The difference is the reason why it didn't work for you.
  16. Quick check of the loot group on the left reveals the change in the current version of the game simply wouldn't apply, because the loot group with those names do not exist anymore in the current version of the game. However, loot groups on the right image exist in the current version of the game, so whichever version is on the right side would most likely be a better option.
  17. Your friends have some cool requests, tell them to keep them coming lol
  18. @Telric, you probably wouldn't want to see what I did to the farm while attempting to get through that horse race. The farm looks like if it was badly hit by a tornado and yet it was just me on a horse LOL. Well, I tried... Looks like I wouldn't be a good horse rider. 😛
  19. I think the quest is fine as is. Personally I'm not that much worried about zombies destroying the farm. Vanilla random world generator spawned quite a few of them pretty close to each other in the area where I started my base. If one of the farms falls, I will be still able to go to the other one.
  20. I'm really looking forward to this, can't wait to start playing with it, it looks cool and pretty intuitive too. You are a very skilled programmer!
  21. Vanilla doesn't allow followers, I was hoping it would be possible to throw that mod in to play it with followers. Perhaps it would be still possible somehow, not sure. It would probably depend on how much of vanilla content you would remove lol
  22. So... Will we be able to just drag the POI from the list on the left and drop it where we want it in the map and it will be really placed there?
  23. So, it WILL be a "Feels like a whole new game ~madmole" kind of mod... lol Oh well, you know I love your mods, but I do have this particular feeling that I have about every overhaul - so much cool, BUT sadly not re-usable content. I know it will be most likely very fun on its own though, after all you can always turn it into what you really want it to be, but still I wish it was possible to use some cool parts of it in customized gameplays. Well... Will we be at least able to play with DMT NPCs that allow you to hire NPCs as followers (and thanks to Sphereii's core give you some advanced
  24. A large project you say? The way you described it, it sounds more like a gigantic overhaul or total conversion kind of project lol. As for help with this project, well your modding experience and knowledge is clearly MANY levels higher than mine - while you're building spaceships, I was just happy that I managed to build my first wooden wheel LOL, so I'm not sure how could I help you, but I do admire your skills and I love to play your mods, so I will try to help with whatever I could help with in my spare time. I like an idea of a custom world with quests tailored around it and su
  25. Are you mostly staying at your base, or going far from the base to explore the world? It seems like the game doesn't spawn that many entities (besides wandering hordes of zombies) when you stay in one place. This basically gives you a chance to clear out the area of zombies, but has some side effects on non-zombie entities too, such as thumper. You should try to travel around the map and see if they start spawning again. Try to travel far from your base, but don't go too fast, because entities may take a while to spawn and if you travel at high speed, you may either miss them or they may not e
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