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  1. ... and back to our regular scheduled programming before a mod closes down this thread for drama ... I can think of one reason Thief mechanics would be challenging to implement. In Thief they have fixed scenes in which, they can simply manually demarcate where you are concealed in shadows and by how much. 7 Days to Die would have to add up factors and light sources. - Objects of one block or two between player and zombie, player using % of that concealment. (Moving to peak the corner, standing on a quarter block behind a single full block, etc) - Camouflage factors. (Under a tree, in grass, ect) - Direction of light sources and where shadows would be, plus recalculating them if a light source is shot with an arrow. (This would be the worst one to figure out, however, I think it would have amazing aesthetic benefits with different depths to shadows.)
  2. What you are describing, sounds like 10% of the time, you have to disable alarms or kill a particular zombie first because you can make logical actions to the desired out come. The aggro rooms are more like the wound suddenly exploding with smurfs for no logical reason, which you then need to swat with a frying pan before you can stop the bleeding.
  3. You think don't think the developers read the forums? That the general annoyance at the steep game stage curve in Alpha 18 fell on deaf ears? So, when you have a post mocking someone and a lot of people add reactions, laughing at what you said, it can look like everyone is laughing at the concerns of the players. That and it being you, probably has more impact than you think. Most developers only read the forums because: It saves time to not type out replies It looks like they are undermining or do not trust their community staff and volunteers if they keep stepping in.
  4. When we got bored of the PVE and started killing each other in a village, we built a base nearby, (as the horde nights were still running). We dug down to rock and laid down a block of reinforced concrete for the foundations, then a wide floor with gentle slopes to get onto it so they would not dig. After that, the structure was a pretty small single floor with a 2x2 ramps pillar in the middle and for "windows" we used thin pillars. The second floor was a cage for shooting vultures and sniping further out. The main feature was two sets of zig-zagged doors, such that you could shoot through bars at the zombie that was bashing the door to the left or right of where you were aiming. If one side was running low on doors, we just move to the other side and the zombies followed. It was ridiculously simple and easy to wipe them out. Even demolishers were so close that I just blew their balls off with an auto-shotgun, which leads into the drawback, I did have to put out a steel floor to take my shotgun shots. Repairs were cheap, the doors and a few blocks hit for maybe 10% of their hit points. (The blade traps were useless and a waste of effort and resources.)
  5. Instead of being sarcastic, Fun Pimps could look to better stealth games for inspiration. Thief came out in 1998, I seriously doubt the mechanics used in that game would be very taxing on modern hardware (mileage varies with implementation). 7 Days to Die relying on a *magic* mechanic to always trigger a volume, is like films that rely on cheap tricks to startle the audience, half way through the film, it gets boring and you might hang on just to see the ending.
  6. Yes. That would still be more zombie like and logical than what they were doing.
  7. We started with a regular base but Demolishers were blowing up traps and they were just too much of a nuisance. So, we made the Road Runner bridge, zombies try to run across it, fall to the server bottom, get electrocuted on the way down and shot from a hanging walkway above them. (This was hilarious and a lot of fun.) However, after the 19.2 update, the zombies kept digging. Not for the people down in the hole. No they kept finding the softest point to start going down within their spawn radius on horde night, then they dug across to me, where I was being bait on the bridge. This made no sense at all, they could have bashed approximately 10 blocks of reinforced concrete to make stairs up to where I was instead of trying to go through hundreds of blocks with a much higher total of hit points to try and sap what I was standing on. As a result, we ended up destroying 3.5 million blocks to rip out a village and build a base on the server bottom. No more digging zombies then! (We didn't know about the admin tool to shoot blocks out, until after it was done, so we did this by hand).
  8. I was going to write a script to edit all of the XML flags, however, we switched to another game instead.
  9. The difference in this situation between 7DTD and other stealth games is that you didn't screw up to trigger it. They just arbitrarily decide that the abilities you put effort into getting and selecting will simply not work. It is more of a lame prank than a game mechanic.
  10. Like this camoflage, there is urban ghillie suits, they are just more grey to go with all of the concrete. They already have pulled the rug out from under us. It seems like some enjoy then using the rug as a blindfold to "enhance" their game play. 😜
  11. There are gillie suits in the game already. The biomes have fixed appearances. They could easily lie prone and hide very effectively, like the linked photo album. Considering how well zombies are known for their lack of observational powers, this would be a cake walk. Usually, in most works of fiction, people just duck behind a corner, no camouflage and wait for the zombie to not look in any obvious places. It just wanders around confused then away after a short while.
  12. I have suggested: Trip wires - can be disarmed. Alarm systems - various different ways this might have to be done, like finding the power source and cutting it or sniping out a motion sensor. Special zombies with great hearing - you would need to learn what zombie needs to be shot first in the room or it wakes up all the others. This would mean the players get startled the first few times but when it gets boring, annoying and repetitive to hit these volumes where you can't sneak, then you can manage them directly from prior learned experiences in the game. Your empty fields? They can dig a shallow hole and lay a section of cut turf over themselves. Deserts? They bury themselves and use combined periscope and breathing apparatus. Thermals? There is shielding for that. Our survivors could make reasonable one from thermal blankets found in First Aid kits. Smells? Hunters have known for millennia to cover themselves in other scents. https://imgur.com/gallery/UuBOp
  13. For me, it is not a narrowing of tactics. It is a lack of cause and effect with the lack of control over the environment. If I screw up, fine, whip out the shotgun and blast their heads off. *Magic* mechanics that I can't interact with with in game (disable in this case) = mechanics I will find ways to exploit, disrupt or abuse in ways that were not intended by the developer.
  14. Using Linux's command line, I ran this search command: :~$ find '.../steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Data/Prefabs/' -type f | grep --include=\*.xml -rnw '.../steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Data/Prefabs/' -e "SleeperVolumeFlags" The :22: is the line number 22 in the file. FileName:LineNumber: ResultFromThatLine Here are all the POIs that don't have pure "0"s
  15. Not sure it is exactly like that. I wouldn't be able to break walls and ceilings to pop their heads without reaction from the others if that were the exact case.
  16. I would do that if there were a trigger that can be disarmed and I goofed it.
  17. I am not arguing against there being triggers. I am arguing against there being triggers that you can't spot, learn from and disarm; triggers that have no cause and effect. It is the repetition and annoyance that comes with this cheesy mechanic that I despise so much. "Oh yay. Here is that trigger room again. Time to knock holes in the wall to pop the zombies' heads." There is a large Shamway, for example, I now always jump on the roof, smack it open then pop their heads from up there instead of going into the room. If you could disarm the room, you then have more options. - Disarm it slowly. - Rush in guns blazing and clear it quickly. By the time you have remembered where the trigger rooms are, they are not presenting any challenge, they are just vexing.
  18. I can believe it from the way I have seen zombies spawned in front of me out in the world. I find it immersion breaking that the same zombies as anywhere else *magically* behave differently for no apparent reason than, "just because". I guess it is time to figure out how to make a mod to break these auto-aggro volumes as step 1, then try and introduce traps that won't be spotted the first few times but can be spotted and disarmed after that. 😣
  19. Youtube videos of the explosions and maybe a protest sign are more likely to be shared to a wider audience.
  20. It is like that one Godzilla film with the babies. They kept rushing out of corners to startle the audience. It got tiresome and I was bored of the film quite quickly. Sure, make traps but make sure they can also be disarmed. Also, yes, randomising where they are would make it more interesting.
  21. That is just brute forcing the situation. The devs will probably make invulnerable and slippery blocks to prevent framing around or poking shooting holes in a room. Being able to disable trip wires, motion sensors and killing alarm zombies would make what they intend into a deeper mechanic, rather than this *magic* single way to play mechanic.
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