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  1. Sexy A F is better? Maybe a running first person animation like holding sideways a rifle would do it. Like in fallout, when you run you're not pointing your gun at the same time. I get really hard headaches instead of motion sickness, but I get what you mean.
  2. I've been lurking for a long time, and i have to say that alpha 20 is looking fine A.F. I have a question tho, is player movement ever gonna change? It feels kinda clunky IMO (like you're floating or something), the game is reaching some insane quality levels (for a sandbox, random gen, fully destructible, etc. game) and I feel like movement is the same from Alpha 4. Love you guys, can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Tranquitas.
  3. And you're about to hit 4000 posts, you've been putting some work in my absence. Good!
  4. That is actually a great idea, I still remember when the screamer first showed up after an update...I didn't followed the development of the game back then. I would lie if I tell you I didn't screamed like a @%$#.
  5. What about the new screamer skin?
  6. Hey guys, long time no see. Is there any water overhaul progress to show? I hope everyone is doing great.
  7. Don't challenge him, he'll use you as a toothpick.
  8. I'm sure they'll post news when they have news
  9. Hi, I'm back. I have only one question (for now): Will grass have an overhaul in A20? It would be cool to have different models and sizes. Trees look great, lighting looks great, distant POI's, distant trees, distant terrain, hd textures, soon character overhaul and dynamic imposters will come...but it's the same old grass. I think a new one would make sense in the overall looks of the game. Thoughts?
  10. Eyes adjust the light that goes through the cornea in real life tho. In my case, it feels realistic, not broken lighting tech.
  11. Or you can get a Mouse or Keyboard with macros and set a (W+shift) loop
  12. Exactly! After all, almost everyone turned into Z's... I'm sure TFP will balance their spawn really nice. It would be cool that, the more you use firearms, more chance for bandits to spawn. If you go guns blazing 24/7 you could attract their attention ALSO: it would be cool if not every bandit attacked you in-sight, maybe they could rob you, or just talk to you, maybe ask you for help, that way you couldn't always know their intentions
  13. I'm sure they will be loyal to the zombie survival genre, bandits will only provide the ranged combat that any post apocalyptic game should have. It will make some intense and unpredictable moments, like a zombie horde coming in the middle of a battle against bandits, making you decide: which threat is bigger? you should run and make them fight the horde? they have you pinned down in a house? can you kill them all because you're Rambo? it's pretty fun IMO. -IMO STANDS FOR "IN MY OPINION"
  14. A19 is playing great, but, I think the game will evolve A LOT with the bandits, especially the ones with guns. Ranged combat will be a game changer for sure I really hope they get released in A20
  15. The old "pick up a landmine, it'll be fine" A classic!
  16. Yeah I love A19's POI placement, I'm just talking about roads and huge cliffs in the middle of them, I'll post a couple screenshots when I get home from work to show what I mean.
  17. I didn't found any on the 4 worlds I generated on Alpha 18.4, maybe they were there, but I didn't find them.
  18. I did, and I know it's getting better whenever Robert has the time and help he needs to do so, but what I don't understand is why it changed from the previous alpha so abruptly
  19. Roads leading nowhere, roads with cliffs, crazy unnatural meadows, this didn't happened in A18.4 at all. Is there any changes made to RWG? or what?
  20. Did anyone noticed that throwed spears can hurt allies even in No Killing settings? Also, what happened to RWG?
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