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  1. I do not want to be one of those people who want the update right now and that are pushing for Dubuque release when it's not complete but it would be nice if you could release an update video again so we could see how everything is going
  2. I do not know if it would be difficult or not but since Halloween is coming up when a17 comes out on Halloween add a special zombie that drops good rewards but it's tougher than the other ones almost like a scarecrow zombie
  3. does anybody have an exact date when the A17-E Release Candidate I can wait for Alpha 17 to come out but I would like to see people play it so I have something to keep me occupied waiting for this update has been driving me nuts this update is going to fix a lot of the issues that I have with the game
  4. fun pimp staff Please Release a video Throw everybody a bone to see your progress
  5. I do think the idea to put it into pieces so you have to find the frame the engine and the blades in order to use it make it so it's not something you can craft so you have to find it of course it would probably be more than just one cuz it would be kind of ridiculous if there was only one in the entire world
  6. to tell you the truth I think it should be an item that you have to find out in the world just because of the mobility of the vehicle cuz that would be a nice goal to try and look for make it sew it spawns on top of buildings like the skyscrapers or behind gas stations
  7. when a17 gets released is it possible to find the gyrocopter out in the world I don't know if these questions already been answered or not I'm just curious
  8. is there any news when A17-E RC going to start
  9. not very much I am just playing some games while I'm waiting for the update to come out
  10. there now I'm your sidekick lololol:sorrow:
  11. let the the Panty Legion Panties for Peace movement begin:strawberry:
  12. well I don't know about other people but you definitely put a smile on my face when you did the panty thing thank you
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