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  1. Yeah magnum needs serious buffs. I would love to use it, as I love playing Mccree in overwatch and am fond of fallout: new vegas. You know, the stranger with the big iron on his hip.
  2. I really love the idea of more consumables, but I see some problems 1. If they are reaction based consumables, you need to use in split second, they need to have hack of a fast animation to be of any use. 2. The usage has to be predictable, or it needs to be used often enought to deserve a spot on the toolbelt. Honestly I hate the idea of magical candy that does that stuff. It feels cheap and unrealistic. I know this is game, but some degree of realism should apply. Eating magical candy that prevents fall damage feel really stupid. Parachute would make much more sense. You can use assets from airdrops and I reckon decreasing fall speed with it is no problem either. Aside from that I would replace melee dmg candy with adrenaline and barter candy with cologne
  3. Not so long ago I read an article that stated that some food alergies are cause by low food variety. If you did not eat particular food for long time, your immune system might forget it and it will view it as pathogens.
  4. Ill pitch in a little bit, because I was doing a lot of research in this regard for my app. There is ♥♥♥♥load of information on the internet and that is not neccesseraly a good thing. There are lot of diets, that compete: -paleo -vegan -low-carb -keto -vegetarian -carnivore -etc. My advice here is, do not subscribe yourself to one diet. You primarely need to listen to your own body - what tastes good, what agrees with your body and what leaves you with sufficient energy. In the end what works for one person might not work for another. There are not only genetic differences between individuals but also differences in your gut microbiomes. You will need to experiment. Priorities go as follows: 1. You need to intake sufficient ammount of energy that covers your basal metabolism and energy expenditure through work, exercise etc. You can easily calculate that on any fittness calculator. I myself thought I ate a lot, whereas I had about 400 calories deficit. 2. You need to have sufficient intake of macro-nutrients: Carbs, fats and protein. Different diets promote different values for fats and carbs (low carb, high carb, low fat, keto). Most important however is sufficient protein, as those are broken down to amino-acids that are used by your body to build you cells, hormones etc. 3. You need to have sufficient intake of micronutrients - minerals and vitamins, that acts as catalysts and mediators in many bodily functions. Best solution to this is have very varied diet - different kind of vegetables, fruits, fats, proteins. 4. Timing - having your food at the same time everyday improves digestion. To sum up eat enough of varied quality food, same time every day Lastly it is important to pair good diet with exercise, quality sleep, social contact, hobbies and some sort of meaning. ps. in regards to gluten and lactoce intolerance is blown out of proportions. They arent the best thing for your body, but if you dont consume too much of it it is fine. You do not need to avoid bread, pasta cheese etc, just downscale it and have more varied diet. - - - Updated - - -
  5. well I dont know, if you take a look at earth map from satelite images, there is quite a bit of space for them
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