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    True Survival

    Reset I will PERFECT this mod one day! .... just not TOday.....can I please get a reset <3 ID = 6561197980274817 Thanks!
  2. snakefiveoh

    True Survival

    Reset Request Hey Spider, After dying multiple times to your mod over, and over, and over, knowing that one small mistake can set me back hours of gameplay, I simply question my ability as a gamer and life in general. 9.5/10 Can't wait to hit the streets again! Can I please get a reset? <3 Steam ID 76561197980274817 Thanks!
  3. snakefiveoh

    A16 Valmod Pack

    MAC Users - A15 I play on a PC, but my friend plays on a Mac. Regarding Mac; has anyone found a fix to using the overhaul mod with A15? The best we can do is have all icons, but the textures (toolbelt, health background, etc) will not appear. Any assistance would be appreciated!
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