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  1. What about the situation where the "selection" shifts as you click to place .. causing it to place a block not where intended? And to be clear, I am not talking about where the mouse was moved last moment and you misplace. Rather about where the game seems to "jitter" and place where it shouldn't be. This even can (infrequently, but I run across it now and then) place a block BEHIND another block, where you have no visual line of sight to the "back" of the block where it's placing it. Ie, there's no way you could do it on purpose, as you can't target the far side of a block that's out of visual view, but the game "jitter" (for want of better term) still targets it, and places it in an impossible location.
  2. Woo Hoo! Let's hope for those millions of survivors to turn out to the Alpha 20 launch! The feedback I've gotten on all the additions have been great, people seem really excited ... personally love the new RWG/City building style which together with all the POI's is gonna make for a LOT of fun hours exploring!
  3. I believe faatal DID say before Alpha 19 release, that melee bandits were pretty much done, and needed a few days of code to finish up. It was in one of the streams, along with that the raft needed a weekend of work type of thing to get into the game. Now this might have been a super simplification, that certain aspects were ready but not the "final" vision of what Bandits were intended for, but it also likely has increased confusion as to why they are not in. People for instance see lotsa modpacks with bandits and survivors in, very basic sure, but then wonder why TFP "when it only needed a few days" haven't also put them in But it's just one of the unforeseen side-effects of communication, questions are asked, answers are given, but people have their own interpretation on each side that happen to not be in sync
  4. Well, kickstarter developers "legally" owe their supporters (something) as defined in their goals. Early Access on most platforms owe nothing beyond what's there at the time of purchase. However most of this is not about "owing" anything. It's that good developers want to make a good game that their good customers can enjoy. Sometimes we run into not so good developers who are more scammy, but more often they genuinely try to do their best, and sometimes fail. 7 Days To Die has come a long way, and as many have said, likely have given their players value many times over for the cost of the game And not because they OWE anything, but because they LOVE what they do, not just as a business.
  5. I'm a bit surprised this hasn't been locked/banned 😛 I mean it's one thing to want to do a petition against the devs. It seems to go far beyond asking for DONATIONS from people here, to support them in their ... views. Then again I have 2 copies (on 2 steam accounts) and would happily pay for dlc. As far as Early Access games goes, while one can always have issues with speed of updates, there are few games who see active development 8 years down the line, paid for by the initial purchase. The game could have been released years ago and done with, but then we'd have missed so many fun versions to play with!
  6. In survival, not as such. In creative you have some more ways around it. Ultimately, adding a mod which lets you do it, or going into creative is essentially the same. Just use this way, make some brum brum tractor sounds and look away, and it'll be flat in no time! None the wiser! (Also works on MP servers). The actual line number has changed, just search for the stuff (leveltool I think) and it should show up
  7. I admit, I enjoy finding those edge cases where the AI breaks down and it becomes trivial. That said, what I would like to see is AI being different for POI Sleepers VS Blood Moon Horde zombies. Having a fancy "I can run the gauntlet in my POI" is cool, avoids swisscheese much more than what we had in the past. However, for a blood moon horde, a simplistic "We'll rush the player and destroy everything between us and them if we get stuck" would work a lot better (ie, A16 style) and avoid the suspension of belief when they go around the base, then up, then down, through a weak block and then circles around to the now open path to get to the player. In my view, Alpha 16 was the last version where base builds were really fun and challenging. Yes it had the problem with above/below, but if you avoided that particular cheese, you suddenly had a much more interesting base design that looked like a real base, as opposed to a simple A17+ "platform path the zombie falls off on their own" or any other number of ways to treat them like lemmings
  8. I was of course not invisible, as can be seen in the video by all the other zombies working just fine It was only the hawaiian that was having this issues. The same was experienced whether god mode or not. I remember the invisible feature was "fixed" fairly recently in the patch history, which was great and really helped test some other stuff. But in this case invisible mode had nothing to do with it I just happened to be in god mode as I was zipping around while trying to figure out what was going on Yes, it only seems to happen at specific locations. I showed this in the video too, running around outside on the streets was all fine, but as they got (too close) to the tunnel, they had a tendency to just go in tracking the inside point and stop following the player. So it's not something which happens all the time or everywhere, but it definitely is happening at that location consistently.
  9. I was making a new base type, and all was going great, until I tested with Hawaiian Zombies. And was stunned! For some reason, if near the location they will go towards a specific location, going through blocks as opposed to an open corridor 5 blocks away, through concrete, steel, and ignoring me until I'm ~1 block away. As from the pic, they are aware of me, they look at me, and they're even targeting me in their AI. But they WON'T come for me. Has anyone seen that with the new Hawaiian zombie? I included the overhead debug info (num-pad 0) in my video, so it's clear they are targeting me as a player, but they simply won't approach. Other zombies were all fine, I tested that too, so it's only the Hawaiian zombie. Full video where you can see how really weird this looks in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CfCjBYy6xM&list=PL5Z54hiemOAvj8-PeONb-9O2Y3fTgg7pN And needless to say, it is causing some issues with the base build, as while the zombie itself doesn't try to kill me, it'll make tunnels through the base trying to go straight to the location luring them in, busting through walls and traps alike 😛 Trying to figure out enough to leave a proper bug report on it
  10. In general, unless the game publisher has explicitly given you permission, the answer is (in I would wager many/most) jurisdictions: 1) Yes, you are legally allowed to record (for own use). 2) Yes you are allowed to upload to anywhere (for own use). 3) No, you're NOT allowed to give OTHERS access to the footage. Which makes YouTube pointless if you just keep it private. But you can use it as a video storage site just like dropbox. As soon as you share the video content, you're distributing it which normally is license violation and often a crime. 4) Yes you normally violate a bunch of copyright laws, and likely your terms of use not only for the game, but YouTube as well which prohibits sharing copyrighted material. That said, those don't really help you, as in MOST (not all!) cases Game Publishers are very happy when people play, record, and share their gameplay. Some have been known to make explicit licenses for it available (on their website). Most simply leave it unsaid in order to not open up the legal box of a poorly worded license, leaving open in the future to making one should there be a need. Since more views means more sales (normally) it's a win win. However, mutual benefit doesn't make it legal as such. I know at least one Early Access game I have, that I can not cover as the publisher specifically disallows it under penalty, so I simply don't record or play it until they relax their use license. For 7 Days to Die content, TFP have been very supportive, and you'll also see mods, Roland especially, who've had threads linking to guides and footage, their twitter account have pushed out info on videos, streams etc, to support the community. You often hear people speak about fair use, and such. However most videos on youtube using copyrighted material would never pass the criteria for fair use. It's a huge topic of its own, interesting to read for those who are so inclined, but more important is really "will I get into trouble for it?" is sometimes more useful. Unless you get a copyright strike, nothing is likely to ever happen And copyright strikes can happen regardless of whether you have a license or not, whether it's copyrighted or not, so has little connection to the legality. I would wager the risk of getting legally in trouble (ie, sued) by a publisher for making a video on YouTube is so small that it's unlikely to be an item to spend much time on And for the record, I make YouTube videos of 7 Days to Die, and I stream it, and I love it! https://youtube.com/vedui42
  11. Always great advise to do a clean re-install, and start a new fresh game without any mods. That goes for a lot of problems with the game (and other games for that matter). There are just so many times people reach out to me about (issues), and it turns out actually they're trying this or that mod and it's not working, and people are upset with the actual game, instead of the mods they have themselves elected to install. Then describe the problems faced on a clean install/fresh game in detail, check logs, as that really does help people provide any specific information
  12. No I believe it's actually totally broken. It does not factor in any armor reduction at all. One could argue the way it's written that removing 20 % of armor means it would go from say 20 armor to 16. However since the damage is the same as regular ammo, one can easily conclude that this does not happen. We'll see how the fix ends up, however in my view the only reasonable would be for it to remove a fixed 20 %.. So it'd bring 20 % armor down to 0. It'd bring 40 % down to 20 %. Bringing armor down from 20 to 16 would be so pointless as to not be noticable, except for targets that had maybe 50-60 armor.
  13. Nice to see my video coming up as an explanation! There was a bunch of testing I did, including a follow up video trying to show and explain what I saw happening. People (on reddit, kind souls!) were able to replicate the 6x with even square full blocks. It's just a lot harder to set it up so the zombie glitches into it and does the extra damage, whereas some blocks (poles/plates) seem very prone to it. Centered poles for instance were a lot safer and much harder to glitch into. I can see why it's there, it's just "over-aggressive" and if toned down so it's less glitch-damage and more "I'm really trapped, LET ME OUT!" damage instead as intended. In TFP's defense, they early on did hone in on it, that maybe it was happening a lot more frequently in normal game play than anticipated. Maybe it's also not super easy to "fix" either. @Jugginator I also don't think it's horizontally placed poles. I showed that in my video before, that horizontal (centered) poles are normally just fine. It's the edge-placed poles that had the issue.
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