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  1. Back when I used to use a catapult trap, he'd go flying in the air and explode. Then his cop corpse body would hang in the air the same way bricks don't.
  2. Looks terrific. Wouldn't tallow be a more logical fuel for torches, though?
  3. Just copy the sawed off shotgun another Bandit uses and paste it over the sniper rifle for BanditKane. He shoots the shotgun just fine.
  4. Remember, NPC AI isn't finished yet, so your results aren't going to be reliable. I noticed that both survivors and bandits act weird like not always turning to shoot you, but if you move around, they seem to eventually turn. And they're terrible shots - they keep shooting forward even after a zombie drops to the ground. But that's not something that can be fixed in the XML, as far as I can tell. Are you sure all your bandits work properly? Like I said, I can't get BanditKane to shoot his sniper rifle, so I just gave him a sawed off shotgun instead.
  5. It's my favorite mod, but there are just some things in Valmod I can't live without. So I took a little from Valmod and added it to my War of the Walkers. I added a weed cleaver, working oven, working sink, garbage disposal (with trash bags), and adhesive trap. None of these use custom icons, so no downloads are needed. I use existing icons with a tint to show that they're different. I also added my own touches, like modding the gore blocks so that you have to harvest rotting flesh and bones. Destroying the block with something like a hammer doesn't put anything in your inventory. I also added the catapult trap (which I no longer use, because it kills wandering survivors) and zombie lures. Again, no custom icons. Drop 5-10 zombie lures and you'll be covered in zombies in no time. (Side note: I could simply have used WoW's slow trap instead of adding adhesive trap, but I had already modified the adhesive trap to do what I want, so I just added it.)
  6. Thank you!!!! I tested them all, and they all seem to work except BanditKane. For some reason, he just won't shoot his sniper. So I gave him a bandit sawed off shotgun. He shoots that.
  7. I'm pretty sure the rest of the bandits and survivors attack for me, but I'll check it out later after work. I'll post my fixes if there are any.
  8. I am (although I tweaked the mod, but you don't have to download anything). The server is called "War of the Walkers" and the random gen key is WoWShowers. I think I'm on day 8, but if you want to join, I can always reset it to day 1.
  9. Hi dwallorde, BanditDwarfSherry still doesn't shoot at me. Here's what I did to make her work. I'm pretty sure the only change necessary is to extend her from banditMelee (I know that doesn't make sense, but it seems to work). The rest of my changes are just leftovers from back when I was experimenting. I just copied and pasted what I had before. I figured if it ain't broke, i won't fix it. <entity_class name="BanditDwarfSherry" extends="banditMelee"> <property name="Archetype" value="BanditDwarfSherry"/> <property name="ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalSP" value="gunSawedOffPumpShotgunBandit,shotgunShellBandit" /> <property name="ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalMP" value="gunSawedOffPumpShotgunBandit,shotgunShellBandit" /> <!-- in s --> <property name="AttackTimeoutDay" value="0.5" /> <property name="AttackTimeoutNight" value="0.5" /> <!-- AI properties --> <property name="AITask-1" value="RangedAttackTarget2" param1="0" param2="20"/> <property name="AITask-2" value="ApproachAndAttackTargetNPC" param1="EntityAlive" /> <property name="AITask-3" value="ApproachSpot" /> <property name="AITask-4" value="Wander" /> <property name="AITarget-1" value="SetAsTargetIfHurt" param1="EntityEnemy" /> <property name="AITarget-2" value="SetAsTargetIfHurt" param1="EntityPlayer" /> <property name="AITarget-3" value="SetAsTargetIfHurt" param1="EntitySurvivor" /> <property name="AITarget-4" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" param1="EntityEnemy" /> <property name="AITarget-5" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" param1="EntityPlayer" /> <property name="AITarget-6" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" param1="EntitySurvivor" /> <property name="CorpseBlock" value="RangedBanditCorpse"/> <property name="SoundRandom" value="" /> <property name="SoundAlert" value="" /> <property name="SoundSense" value="" /> <property name="SoundAttack" value="" /> <property name="SoundHurt" value="Player_Female/player2painlg" /> <property name="SoundHurtSmall" value="Player_Female/player2painsm" /> <property name="SoundDeath" value="Player_Female/player2death" /> <property name="SoundStamina" value="Player_Female/player2stamina" /> <property name="SoundDrownPain" value="Player_Female/player2drownpain" /> <property name="SoundWaterSurface" value="Player_Female/player2drownsurface" /> <property name="SoundDrownDeath" value="Player_Female/player2drowndeath" /> <property name="SoundJump" value="Player_Male/player2Jump" /> <property name="SoundLandSoft" value="Player_Male/player2LandSoft" /> <property name="SoundLandHard" value="Player_Male/player2LandHard" /> <property name="SoundPlayerLandThump" value="PlayerLandThump" /> </entity_class>
  10. It's a game limitation, not just casinoCoins. Lots of things go wrong when you go above 32767. For example, change the hit points of a block to 50000 and try to destroy it. Unless they changed something since the last time I tried, it's impossible to destroy. It gets below a certain number and then jumps back up again.
  11. I had to mess with the XML but I got all the bandits and survivors working in War of the Walkers. The AI sucks (that's not something you can fix in the XML) but survivors shoot or beat on zombies, and bandits shoot or beat on me.
  12. War of the Walkers also has bandits (and survivors). I stole them and added them to my installation of Valmod Overhaul, and changed spawning so that a few bandits and survivors spawn just about anywhere. It's tricky to get only a few to spawn, but someone (I forget who) came up with a way to do it that works really well.
  13. Okay, I think I have them all working now. * I swapped the shotgun for the sawed off shotgun. The sawed off shotgun causes weird particle errors. * I swapped the shotgun for the sniper rifle. He wouldn't shoot the rifle. I don't know why not. He shoots the shotgun. * I made it so they all extend banditMelee.
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